73. Back pt.2

When and as I see myself playing the personality role of someone who uses emotions such as guilt, fear, pain, embarrassment, laziness, I stop myself in that moment and breathe, and I commit myself to realize that this is really my mind playing out a character to ensure it own survival and that that experience is not real, and is only made a resemblance of reality through my participation in it.

When and as I see myself wanting to just let myself slide on my responsibility to uncover and expose myself through daily writing, reading and participation with the group I stop myself and breathe, bring myself back into this moment and reestablish myself in the physical reality and remind myself that this is why I am walking this process to allow the physical world as life to flourish and stop within my systems of abuse through mind participation.

When and as I see myself giving greater value to my images and reputation to other beings, friends, and family I stop myself and breathe, and really have a look into the nature of relationships with other beings and if they are really real from the perspective of not being based within a starting point of self interest. I commit myself to investigate into the nature of friendships if friendships can really exist and what does this mean to me?

I commit myself to fully understand that there is nothing greater in value then the value of life.

I commit myself to stop my non participation and reestablish myself as a being who truly does care about life and the direction of life on the earth.

I commit myself to flag point my systems of separation in a precise and specific self directive manner daily.

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing my pre-programmed personality to hold reign and power over me and move past these points of laziness and hesitation, and realize that there is no one that is going to walk me through this other then me. It must come from me as I am the one responsible

I commit myself to understand that throughout this process breath will be my stability point in which I always return, there before I fall into my own self created trap of guilt, remorse, anger, frustration, with myself for where I stand within my process I always come back to the breathe understanding that this is this moment and that I am here, as me.

I commit myself to this daily deconstruction so as to become and place myself in a position of self trust and within a totally and visible point of self honesty so it is clear to myself and others that I can be trusted with the gift of life and to can be trusted within reestablishing the world as a the haven of life rather then the tar pit of life.

I commit myself to become clear within myself to avoid and future lapse of forgetfulness and be able to fully and completely stand up within myself without compromise for life and the message of equality as the opportunity for life to experience itself as life unconditionally and with fear of its own destruction and demise.

I commit myself to fully realize that now is the present moment and that in participation within the mind that I am not in the present moment but of in the spaces and dimensions of my mind, I commit myself to see how within participation with my mind I am in fact missing out on the real world happening all around me and that I am not actually living the gift of life that was trusted to me.

I commit myself to the reestablishment of life as the true base value in this world through cEaseing myself back from my mind and slowly but surely uncovering myself and putting myself in a position that can be useful in this reestablishment, and to flag point and forgive points of hesitation, fear, and avoidance along the way.

I commit myself to physically lay out a guideline for myself and truly have a look at where I would like to go, what I would enjoy doing, and what is really useful in creating a better world and actively participating in that rather then only participating in fantasies within my mind.

I commit myself to let go of pursuing relationships based within self interest of the preservation of mind systems and instead place the focus on clearing myself first before trying to “prove” to others that I care rather then standing as a real trustworthy being through physical action and application.


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