81. Self commitments on physical risk. pt 1.

I commit myself to stop the addiction to adrenaline and stabilize myself within breathe understanding that here and now is the only real reality and any lusting after feelings is a point of comparison with the past which is only existing within my mind.

I commit myself to see how this point of competition with myself and others began a long time ago as a child in which we would push ourselves to be better then the next child at sports and anything really.

I commit myself to see how this form of competition was breed into myself as a point of indoctrination into society.

I commit myself to not allow myself to continue within this cycle within myself so as to view myself apart of other beings and compare myself to others to the point where I feel the need to take physical risks to my body to fit into the group.

I commit myself to stop myself from running from my problems and points of fear through escaping into this addiction to skateboarding, and to see how the risks that are really worth taking are the risks that are involved within deconstructing my mind. The risk to free myself from myself and express myself without holding back and the risk of standing up for life within every single breath.

I commit myself to see that those risks are really only risks to my ego/mind and that the real expression of life is without risk and that I do not need to fear this expression and only do because I have not existed outside of the sphere of my minds influence completely…yet.

I commit myself to stand as a example of one who understands and realizes the implications of the risks of skateboarding and choose to exercise restraint and consideration within the activity in recognition of the attachment points and addictions within myself that are a result of skateboarding as a thrill and internal competition.


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