82. Self Commitments on physical risk pt.2

I commit myself to move myself daily into the risk of deconstructing my mind and seeing for myself what the rewards can be for making myself accountable for my own actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I commit myself to stop the feelings of inadequecy within my self view comparing myself towards others and actually start living from a starting point of what is best for all where when I do choose to take part in some kind of activity it is not from within a point of some definition of self worth.

I commit myself to live within my means by which I mean that I know my limitations and the risks invovled in activities like skateboarding and to properly prepare and protect myself. Like wearing safety gear and taking care of my body through stretching.

I commit myself to see how skateboarding is really not something that defines who I am in this world it is simply something that I have done.

I commit myself to understand that I able to do other things that are capable of bringing about a best for all scenarieo, wherein skateboarding has mainly been only about myself and feeling good about myself.

I commit myself to see that why I intially want to feel good about myself through skateboarding is because it was a reaction to a childhood that was not completely supportive and that skateboarding was the first thing that made me feel ok through pain.

I commit myself to understand how in the past I used physical pain to mask the pain emotionally as a child and that I was making a sacrifice of my body to the mind where I had no understanding of my mind and its hold at the time.

I commit myself to see the mind when it is attempting to pull me into skateboarding as a point of addiction and self definition.

I commit myself to see that skateboarding is something that I can do but it is not all that I am, or all that I am capable of.

I commit myself to a new path of understanding where I can see myself for what I really am which is a being who is equal and one with life.

I commit myself to this realization through the process of self writing, sharing, and speaking myself to freedom as self forgiveness, and self commitments.

I commit myself to move myself daily to improve from the previous day were I understand that this is not a one shot deal, but something ongoing to live within and by the priciple of equality and oneness within bringing myself back to the breathe here.

I commit myself to myself.



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