93. Taxes part 3.

So picking up where I left of I can see that the charges that I have placed on the word taxes are in fact have been the reason for much of the procrastination and for the resistance of facing that task of doing my taxes. So from there I commit myself to stop the emotional responses that I have towards the word taxes and towards doing my taxes.

I commit myself to address my taxes as a point of self support where I am showing myself that I am willing to walk myself out of my fears and place myself here within the system while understanding that I can be in the system and not of the system.

I commit myself to stop the corruption within myself that stands as anger and jealousy towards those that choose to act in separation and see that the only way to move the world into one that is best for all is to stop my own involvement in the the separation within my own experience and in my own mind and stand as example.

I commit myself to bring myself back here into breathe when I see myself moving into a place of anger and shock at what I see within the world when it involves the use of taxes and money, the focus is to be here now in each breathe without participating in the mind through emotions/thoughts/feelings.

I commit myself to see that the continued and consistency of my daily process of writing will lead to the installation of solutions such as a Lig, Big, and eventually a Equal money system, to bring back the consideration, respect and gratitude that the Earth provides for me for free everyday in which I am currently are taxing it of without providing a service for it.

I commit myself to see how we as humanity are a a taxing force to Earth in all of our endeavors, and that within business and daily life something that can be supportive is the research and development of systems that do not degrade and pillage the Earth and may in fact increase the natural expression of Earth.

I commit myself to understand that a Ems would actually be the ultimate manifested form of this as it would take all points of natural relationships into account by way of understanding the equal value of all life and coming to a understanding that works the best for all life currently here and life to come.

I commit myself to understand that before I/we can get there the current systems in place will have to be accounted for and dealt with, and this would involve myself stabilizing myself within it. And committing to pushing myself every day to further my understanding within the current system to see how it works and from there become a being that takes active involvement within the financial and political system so as to stand in and as a steward of the Earth and all of its real time life systems.

I commit myself to stop fearing the current system and as a result do not move myself within taking the steps required to be self supportive, in this case is to catch up on doing my taxes so I can be up to date within all of my financial standings and educate myself on that point of the system.

And I commit myself to stop taking the advice and opinions of others as a point of reference towards this issue where I am then using this a excuse to not move myself like where I am here a point of positivity in the possible result so I just procrastinate and do not move myself, instead of being self directive and just doing them for the point of being up to date and walking myself forward through my daily experience towards becoming financial stable.


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