102. wanting to teach another pt 2

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let worry set into my experience not seeing how this emotional worry for other is really seeing the mistakes that I made in my life and thinking that I can help others to avoid them.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not understand that the only way for me to actually bring about change in others is through standing as a example of equality and oneness and that standing within a fear within myself can transfer that fear and doubt to others, or have other unforeseen consequences.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for fearing seeing mistakes in others lives because it triggers the memories of my own life to arise.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not seeing that rather then fearing the triggered memories what I can do practically is in those moments is unconditionally stop myself, breathe and apply forgiveness for standing within those fears and triggers of my past instead of reacting and possible creating a point of fear for the other being.


When and as I see myself wanting to teach another being because I think that I am in a superior position of knowledge I stop myself and I breathe remembering that speaking from a place of knowledge and information is of the mind and that what is actually happening is that I am becoming triggered by the other being into feeling like I have some valuable lessons to teach.


When and as I see myself feeling as if I am in a paternal position I stop and breathe and realize that even though I have come through so much in my own experience that the only real effective way for another to learn is if I am standing as equality and oneness as a principle within my daily life.


When and as I see myself standing in fear for a child that may or may not even be conceived I stop myself and breathe, asking myself where this fear is originating from? Why am I so concerned with this particular family unit when the entire world is facing the same or similar conditions? What is the real issue facing parenting and and why not bring my focus there in clearing and equalizing myself with that point.


When and as I see myself becoming linked to my upbringing through others whom I judge to be unready for parent-ship I stop myself and breathe, and realize that this point of becoming linked back to my own childhood is indicating that there are points of unrest still existing within me about how it played out and I have not fully come to terms with it.


When and as I see myself acting and speaking as some kind of authority on familial subjects based within this linkage back to my experiences I stop myself and breathe and realize that in those moments I am actually reacting to the situation and instead of passing on the fear from my own past I can practically assist the being in learning skills that I actually proficient which in this case is cooking skills to help him attain some means to support him and his possible family.


I commit myself to stop trying to project on to other this state of concern for them because of my own insecurities from the within my own experiences.


I commit myself to the realization that I am facing my own mind in those scenarios and that the practical thing to do is to immediately apply self forgiveness.


I commit myself to understanding the difference in bringing up a example from within my experience when it is pertinent to the situation but when it is based within a fear system then I should realize that the motivation behind my concerns and points of reference are mind based.


I commit myself to stop judging others against those references within my own head in which I compare them to the sort of characters that my own parents where and age and then from there judge them if they are worthy to have children in my eyes.


I commit myself to take accountability for the mistakes that I have made in my own life and to stop trying to vicariously avoid them in other beings, and realize that this is just a way of away from them myself and then passing off to the other that I know what I am talking about.


I commit myself to practically face those fears and triggers as they come up within my daily process and work with what comes up as a point of walking myself out one step at a time, one breathe at a time.


I commit myself to bring myself back here every time I find myself falling into the mind triggered through others situations of becoming parents or familial situations and effectively clearing myself into a non judgement of how others are being raised or raising kids.


I commit myself to see that the bigger picture here is the establishment of a world where children can grow into a expression of themselves in which there natural abilities and curiosities can be fulfilled without hindrance and without projections placed on them, and the best way to bring about this world is for myself to effectively become clear within myself and free from the mind.


I commit myself to stand as example of equality and oneness with life for myself and others, and not as a fear based mind construct.


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