149. Sc statements for 147/148.


So what I have come to see and recognize within myself concerning this point is that I am actually responsible for these diseases within myself by passively agreeing and subscribing to the paradigm that being skinny is the natural way for a women to present themselves and that I have been in fact allowing and accepting myself to react in disgust and indifference if this standard is not upheld and within me I assume and uphold the belief that girls who are skinny are actually more aware of and in control of themselves. When in fact this system within me is based within and as a standard that has been pushed within society as being the normal acceptable standard for women to model themselves after and not seeing how this standard is rooted in dysfunctional eating habits.

So when and as I see myself accepting and allowing the proposed standard of beauty as skinny/petite/fit/etc I stop myself and see how I have been fool into subscribing into this delusion where women are made to feel inferior for not subjugating themselves to a way of living that is in deprivation of a actual natural and supportive way of eating and supplying there physical bodies with sustenance.

I commit myself to stop looking at women as comparison of who is holding to this paradigm and who is not and judging them for how closely they can sculpt themselves to that standard through self deprivation.

I commit myself to place greater value on women who have the mentality to limit/starve themselves into skinniness.

I commit myself to take into account the point that feeding oneself should be about supplying oneself with the proper amount of nutrition for natural body function and realize that placing image above this point of support for ones body is vanity and is self dishonesty.

I commit myself to see that when I place myself in a position of admiration for/of the female image above the point of equality with the other being I am actual in support of these systems and diseases within other beings.

When and as I see myself reacting in anger and resentment towards another being because they are showing me how this is actually what is happening within this world I stop myself and breathe and realize that I am in fact one and equal with the other being regardless of there image or how they present themselves.

And thus I commit myself to see however a being presents themselves in this world they are always one and equal with me and that adhere to a pre-programmed standard of beauty system I am actually allowing myself to be a support of these systems of disease and dishonesty within the world.

I commit myself to stop allowing myself to be rule within the system of beauty and that beauty is really on a mind create delusion of polarity where one being is seen to be more valuable because of standards programmed into society through the use of media and brainwashing the populace from youth.

I commit myself to see how this point is a constant pattern within me.

I commit myself to stop participating in this system when I notice that I am in admiration and awe of any particular being.

I commit myself to stop placing beings within and as a hierarchy in terms of who is more beautiful then the next human being.

I commit myself to stand as one and equal with all being despite how there physical image is presented as pictures that I view.

I commit myself to see how this system of beauty is a industry within society that actually distracts and diverts attention away from actual real expression and hold myself and others in a state of hypnosis.

I commit myself to see how this point is actually a large contributor to abuse in this world through all sort of means like abductions, rape, trafficking, pornography, etc.

I commit myself to see support of this system within myself actually supports inequality where some within the dynamic of this standard benefit through fame and envy and that the majority of others will subjugate themselves to malnutrition and starvation in attempt to emulate those that have positioned themselves as examples of the standard of skinny.

I commit myself to see how this system is actually blind to and diverting attention from the fact that while many may purposely live a life of deprivation there is half the population of the world that currently lives in starvation which is not a choice.

I commit myself to see how I am a supporter of starvation within this world when I subscribe to the religion of skinny/beauty.

I commit myself to stop supporting this pattern within me in a full recognition of the consequence of what supporting this mentality has within the world and within society.

I commit myself to educate myself within the tactics which are used to create this ideology within women to show that I can actually stand as equal and one with all despite physical appearance.

When and as I see myself attaching myself to particular judgement about how/what people should eat and how much I stop myself and breathe, realizing that I actually have not real conceptual understand of what the body actually needs presently.

And thus I commit myself to from this point on stop the judgments that I have towards others and how they choose to approach feeding themselves.

I commit myself to further build my understanding of the human physical body and come to actual fact of what is require to fuel and sustain the body in reality.

I commit myself to the realization that most of what society has come to understand about food and nutrition is not compatible with the understanding of the mind and that it will take me, personally, time to figure out how these two points are interconnected and relate to each other.

In the meantime I commit myself to stop look at others as being right or wrong in how they conduct themselves in relation to eating habits, on both sides of the equation of overeating and deprivation.

I commit myself to stop placing personal investment in how others conduct themselves into how I view them, once and for all realizing that they are one and equal with me always no matter how they look in comparison, and understanding that whenever I compare I am mind, I am ego, and that this is unacceptable.

I commit myself to walk myself out of this system with haste and grace committing to stopping whenever face with reactions in that moment recognizing that that I am responsible for myself and my judgment and allowances of this system within me entirely.


I will continue within this tomorrow.


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