152. Facing myself in debt pt.3


So continuing with self corrective statements on the last few posts.

Ok so what have notice about the way that I approach money is that what I do within my experience concerning my financial planning is that I do not really go on anything other then emotions. I have never engaged myself in any sort of consistent way to manage and keep track of my funds.

When and as I see myself becoming angry within myself when I realize the balance that I was carrying on my credit card I stop and breathe and realize that this anger is really because I am disappoint within myself because I can tell that I have not been self honest with how I am conducting myself financially. That I consistently do not see the importance in creating a ledger for myself to keep and understand the movement of money within my life instead of leaving it up to a guessing game and total chance.

And thus I commit myself to build trust with myself by becoming aware and actually caring what will happen if I do not get my financial situation under control.

I commit myself to stop being so hard on myself because I realize that money comes and money goes yet it is the places that I am aware that I am allowing and accepting the money in my life to flow will determine the type of life that I will have and the type of effect that I can have on the lives of other beings and life itself.

when and as I see myself only living within and as a emotions, feelings, and thoughts when it comes to financial decisions I stop myself and breathe and realize that this is really my mind that is attempting to fill in a sense of not really trusting myself to make my decisions in a fashion that will contribute to what is best for all.

And thus I commit myself to stop acting and reacting to emotional triggers in which I make unsound and worthless purchases within my life.

I commit myself to really stand up and see where I am just living a life of desires, and stopping them in a understanding that within desire there is always a point of lack and that if I try to fill in this sense of lack with consumerism then I will be consuming for the rest of my existence here because there is no way to fill in this lack with materials and money.

I commit myself to see how within my life I may not be able to fill the hole with money and things that the unscrupulous spending actually creates a vacuum within the world where I may be spending in this economy over here but over there there exists extreme poverty.

I commit myself to realize that while money within my experience is really within a choice of how I utilize it, being within oneness and equality objectives and alignments or within self interest, that others within the world just require money to survive and that by buying into the system of consumerism and capitalism of self interest I am really just supporting a system where some have and most are starving.

When and as I see myself standing within self doubt about ever escaping debt and the rat race of humans I stop myself and breathe realizing that this is really a point of choice. A choice in where would I prefer to direct myself from, a place of fear and worry about the future based from the past. Or into a place of dynamic learning and self trust, finding out about risk and stopping myself from fearing that point and practicing standing up for life through supporting and creating a systems that stands for what is best for all.

I commit myself to realize that which is best for all, is best for myself within money and finance instead of the common paradigm which states that let me do what I can for me before I look at what I can do for others.

I commit myself to stand within my experience as a point of learning to be able to create myself into a person who is able to be trusted within my own self view of the movements of money in my experience ensuring that I am actually directing a flow of money into the acceptable channels like a Living Income Guarantee, and eventually a equal money system where all will be supported equally and without limitation.

When and as I see my past sabotaging me from realizing myself within this concept of give everything to all equally I stop and breathe and realize that I do not have to define myself within the points that where passed on to me within my past and within my youth growing up.

I commit myself to learn the real value of money which if not defined by and within as life in entire calculated equations of what is here, then it is a self interested form of money system in which a few can become at the expense of and the support from the others within the system.

I commit myself to stop buying into that system to the point where it completely starts worrying me where I will fit into this system.

I commit myself to understand that what systems which do not lead to a permanent solution within this world are based within a money relationship that is in self interest and does not represent the expression of life here.

When and as I hear the pre-programmed nature of the common paradigm of money coming up within my mind telling me that I need to compete with others to carve out my spot in society so I can survive I stop and breathe and reinvent myself in that moment where I stand within the point moving myself as a representation of money as life.

I commit myself to change myself into a support of life where I do not allow my fear of survival and childhood programming to see money as something that needs to be coerce away from others, and from there change myself into a being who can recognize where and how to utilize the current manifestation of money to create a best for all life solution.

So pulling this all together when I see myself not wanting to really put in the time and set aside some time consistently to come up with an idea of where I am financially and sort through this portion of my life here, I stop myself and breathe, understanding that this is really just a point of learning to form a trust withing myself and instead of just trusting the system as it stands to fulfill me financially taking this point and power back into my own hands by learning to understand and move myself into a position where I no longer fear just surviving and instead am actually working with and towards redefining money in my practical experience.

I commit myself to change my relationship with money where I am seeing and using money as a point of support for myself and life here, as well as learning more about solutions such as LIG, and Equal Money, and supporting those systems that will lead to a trustworthy permanent solution for all.

I commit myself to understand that this will take time and that the world market place and forces will go through volatile point so it is important to prepare myself with understanding and not just subjugate myself within emotion and desires around money.

I commit myself to understand that being practical is the point to consider when facing a financial decision, and whether the purchase is something that will support me consistently or only lead me to further trap myself in a cycle of enslavement within money.

I commit myself to be realistic with what I am able to do within my situation concerning money where I do not trap myself within desires about “how I will use my money when…”, or “what I will be able to do in the future” recognizing that these points are actually born within me just from a sense of lacking money and are actually barriers for me to move past within myself to experience myself here unconditionally.

I commit myself to building a life that represents and stands up for life within my experience of money as a factor that is utilized to assist in that standing up for life as creating what is best for all.



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