161. Sc for 160.


Ok so continuing with some commitment statements. What I have come to realize about myself within these situation is that I tend to become very intellectual within my writing and I am seeing how this is leading to a lot of confusion within myself and instead of keeping things simple at this point I am opting for points that are out of scope of where I and not that I am saying I should not write about this/things but I can also see that point of not getting taken away by intellect. So I commit myself to stop the cycle of shame through not allowing myself to become caught up within knowledge and information within myself and when and as I see myself overcomplicating myself I stop and breathe and bring myself back here and ask myself what is happening within me in this moment that is causing me to want to run ahead of myself.

When and as I see myself moving into a place of shame I stop and breathe and understanding that in this journey mistakes are unavoidable but what I can realize and implement is committing within myself to stop taking my mistakes as something that defines me as a person. So thus I commit myself to own my mistakes and learn everything that I can from them instead of thinking within myself that I am a horrible person for making mistakes. And realizing that the shame is still a movement of my mind in which I am allowing and accepting self judgement to exist within me and so not fully being self honest with me in that moment and instead making up and playing out a excuse in the form of shame.

When and as I see myself allowing myself to let a fear of the unknown to trigger me a response of shame when I and not able to see a point clearly I stop myself and breathe, and instead accept myself as I stand in that moment and realize that in time with proper application of self that I will be able to ask the right questions to allow me to really get to know myself.

And thus I commit myself to live a new way in which I stop the self sabotage that is formed within self judgement about where I am within my process realizing that this is about walking the journey day by day and not about just being done somewhere of in the future.

When and as I see myself taking the point of this blog out of a form of self support and instead placing a focus point on getting other people to like me/my writing I stop myself and breathe and realize that within this process the only real person who needs to be satisfied with it is myself in self honesty. And within this I commit myself to from now on trust myself to stop the desire of acceptance from others so I can feel fulfilled within my blogging process and from here on out blog only if I can be sure that this if for me.

I commit myself to stop this system within me as I can see the amount of stress that places within me in which I am  making up standards in which I judging how others may be judging me and so when I find myself in a mind fucked state of cyclical judgement I stop myself and breathe and just come back to this moment and be comfortable with where I am standing within my process for me. I commit myself to realize that while I am at a certain point that I should be aware that I should be able to constantly improve through application in doing what I have been learning about and writing about.

When and as I see myself living in denial about how these experienced are accepted and allowed by me to exist within me, and not wanting to admit to myself that I have been brainwashed for so long that I am unwilling to realize that the experiences that I go through as thoughts, feelings, emotions are not actually real and commit myself to recognize when I am just participating in the friction and energy that is created when I am allowing these thing to have power over me.

I commit myself to realize and implement the practice of a practical application where I put everything that I can when facing a point so as to be able to solving this system/s within me as I can see that only when walking the actual process for myself will I be able to effectively start to see real change across the globe for all life as well as partake in this change in what ever way that I find supportive for life.

Ok enough for now.


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