198. Ketchup Money pt 3.

When and as I see myself living as a extension of the things that are taught to me in my youth I stop and breathe, realizing that those concurrent beliefs are actually something that is generating this fear of lack within me, I am looking at the way that my parents raised me and how they conducted themselves as/within the relationships that they have had with money and place a fear directly inline with those observations. Instead of looking at it practically for instance and learning from the observations in what habits and doctrines to avoid, I go to far and lay a blanket fear over top of the whole thing and from there really let the fear stand in as the prime motivation to move myself rather then finding myself within my daily conduct.

And thus I commit myself to stop placing fear in as the primary driving factor within my life to obtain money so I do not have to live out lifelines similar to my parents.

I commit myself to find my own way to live in accordance with the understanding of equality and oneness as what is best for all in all outcomes, doing so in the way that I generate money and the approach that I take when doing so where I actually understand that money in itself really only has real value as the ability to do things.

I commit myself to see that money would only have real value if shared equally with all where all would gain the ability to live a life equally as well.

I commit myself to understand that the relationship that I currently have been experiencing towards and within money is one of a point of fear of death through the relation of survival in which I am afraid of the lack of money which is rooted within the fear of death.

I commit myself to see how this fear is really the reason that I have form and adhered to the experiences within the formation of a positive/neutral/negative charge in the experiences that I have apparently calling this living when in fact it is actually just reactionary behaviour that I have accepted and allowed.

I commit myself to live within breathe as much as possible, building myself self trust and learn more and more how to be ok with the placing myself here, and earthing myself, grounding myself, and bringing my head out of the clouds, and realizing that through all of this the main point to consider is that am I here.

I commit myself to the choices in my world that will practically lead to the best results in my world to stabilize me, and thus from there grant me the ability to do more, as money represents the ability to do things, make things happen.

I commit myself to remove the free associations that I hold in and towards money making it something that is really more then what it is. In general making it my god, and allowing and accepting it to rule over me directing me within my work emotionally and psychologically, where I am self restricted in becoming a dynamic creative being.

I commit myself to see how within my ability to create and be creative there is the same ability to responsibility create and to have purpose behind my creations, which ultimately is the only real point behind creating and expression here at this point in time, where if I look closely at all of my idea’s and creations they are actually manifestations of survival plans or for survival of my ego where I want to be cool or respected.

I commit myself to not stop moving myself no matter what resistance that I encounter emotionally or mentally realizing that moving through the systems that I have associated with money and the systems that I have about the world in general will obviously not want to be given up and that I will face many resistances to giving up the fallacy of my comfort zone, and to my relationship of survival within money. But I commit move myself through and see how this is something that most will face as this it the way in which much of the populace of the world has been living within the state of money as survival as the energetic component that continues to define humanity for our who existence here on earth.

I commit myself to instead continue taking apart the relationships that I have formed with things, ideas, people within my bubble and start to realize and walk in and as equality with life through this seven year journey.

I commit myself to see how the projection of myself as a rich, great contributor to the cause is again only another projection in which I lord over myself within my mind creating a emotional prison for myself where I judge myself and hold myself captive within my present view of myself, effectively stopping me from moving myself and stopping me from ever allowing me to accept me as where I am in this moment.

I commit myself to accept myself fully as myself within breathe here as this moment, and stop the inferior projection of myself as less than my dream self, and realize that dream me is really a way for me to never really go anywhere and that working through my day within the foundational point of what is best for all as the guiding point to all my decisions is what is practical.

I commit myself to see that the time that is available to me is something that is precious and that practical it is important to realize the establishing a effective way of living is important in being here, to not waste time will ensure that I am truly being the upmost that I can be within myself.

I commit myself to stop the excuses and justifications that come up when faced with, work, working on myself or in creating something that has real value within my life that will allow me to walk as a being that will stand for what is best for all and create real value in the world within the system of money that currently exists.

I commit myself to continue deconstructing this system of money within me as it presents itself throughout my day, and continue writing about the points as I start to see more about how I have been living in regards to money.



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