205. Self corrections on being overwhelmed within my writing process.

So here I am going to correct the point of being buried under all the points that come up during my day/
When and as I see myself becoming and standing within the point of being overwhelmed by the amount of things/points that come up during my day I stop myself and breathe and realize that the emotional response of becoming overwhelmed is actually a reaction to not staying on point with one thing.

I commit myself to stick with one point until it is complete to the best of my capabilities.

I commit myself to stop the fear of never finishing because I cannot fathom the end of this process to the point where I just finally give in and give up and to then realize that this is place where I make m stand within myself, where I recognize that this is the real point where I am to take my next step and instead of giving up I continue to dig and walk through the urge to say to myself that I cannot do it.

When and as I see my self fearing the point of not always knowing for certain what the next step is I stop myself and breathe, and recognize that this is actually just a excuse that is made within me to stop myself from continuing.

I commit myself to see how these excuses are all actually based within a fear basis where I am fearing the unknown and the uncertain and where I attempt to place a certainty onto and in the matter where I become certain of my eventual downfall and failure of seeing myself for who I have accepted and allowed myself to become.

when and as I see myself worrying that i will never figure to each point I stop and breathe and remind myself that this is a process that must be walk with consistency

I commit myself to the understanding this process will take time and a willingness to let o of all expectations of myself, where I should be, and how long this will take.
I commit myself to the realization that each point may not come out being perfect as I expect it to be and that I will not always get each point completely and that sometimes I will need to backtrack and find out where and what I am missing within a particular point to make it effectives and complete.

I commit myself to see how missing a point is not actually the end all within my process and that this perception of personal failure is mainly a break within my own self trust that is built within and as emotions and feeling generated as a deterrent from actually completing and moving forward within a point.

I commit myself to see how some points within each particular system will invariably be link in as a multidimensional manner where they will not always become apparent later on when walking other points within this process and that this is not a sign of failure but actually the opposite where I am sufficiently making enough progress to see new perspectives within the things that I have already opened up.

I commit myself to explore anything that comes up within this process with tact and timing that is naturally occurring instead of trying to force a designing of the things that are coming up/through.

I commit myself to stop the self judgement and anger that comes up when I apparently miss or forget about a particular dimension that comes up within a system.

I commit to see how this system of self judgement and overwhelming emotions is nothing more the barrier that I place for myself the wall to be climbs and taken apart within this.

Ok I will continue with this in more detail in how I became like this in the next post.


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