212. Effort systems self correction continues.

When and as I see myself not pushing through the resistance within sitting down, writing, and putting forth effort within my process, I stop myself and breathe and see how the act of writing, taking myself on, and investigating myself is really an opportunity to take charge of my life and that giving into the resistance is only feeding and strengthening the systems of resistance and conditioning.

I commit myself to choose to be the directive principle within my world and to understand that the only way to build self-trust and self honesty is to push through the initial pre-programmed resistance that has led me to this place.

I commit myself to seize the opportunity that I am able to gift myself through and within this process since it is the only real practical way that I will be able to be sure that I am trustworthy to myself.

I commit myself to see how everything else that I have done within my life has not worked and that looking at the process that I have walked so far within my Desteni process back to life has been the only thing that has changed me, giving me the tools to really take back control from my mind where all sorts of shorter forms of instant gratification and suppression has failed to do so, realizing that if this is working then why run from it. And that running from it is really the revenge of my ego where I am running from my true self, abusing my chance instead of using my chance.

When and as I see myself using things other than my own realization as myself as one and equal to life as the motivation behind the movement of myself within my process I stop myself and breathe, seeing how then use of anything or anyone other than my own understanding of the principle of oneness and equality with ALL life is really a form of self-abuse through suppression.

I commit myself to realize how I must be able to fully honor myself here as the physical to really form a self honest motivation of why I am doing this.

I commit myself to see how this boils down to the fundamental point of breathing and remembering to see how the obvious point within self honesty of self-expression and hereness is if I am aware within breathe.

I commit myself to see how taking on a principle that I can see is best for all that I have learned from another is not forsaking my self but is actually a point of integrating a real understanding of my potential.

I commit myself to stop taking things that I have not learnt or deciphered for myself as something that is threatening because I have formed some belief that I must figure things out the hard way on my own for something to have weight and be valid to me.

I commit myself to learn and use the skill of critical discernment so I can see where the clash knowledge and information with actually relevant principles get mashed up within me, and I allow myself to form relationships with things and people who I WANT to believe rather than learning how to sift through things within myself and always make the choice that is best for all.

When and as I see myself not allowing myself to breathe through fearful moments that I have created and then placed myself in I stop myself and breathe, I see how these moments of fear are moments that I have accepted to exist within me to make excuses with myself why I cannot move forward.

I commit myself to push through the fear, and see how this is the only way to face fear. To push through and realize that I am the one that is not taking responsibility for my acceptance of that fear, and realizing that the fear is my creation all along.

I commit myself to stop making excuses to why I cannot walk and why I cannot write forgiveness.

I commit myself to stop fearing change within myself because I BELIEVE that I do not know that change will be real, and when I do change the it will affect how my world is structured within the relationships that I have with others.

I commit myself to stop fearing how others will view me if I were to actually change.

I commit myself to stop the fear that changing will have on the stability of myself within myself relationships in accordance with my own survival based on money, were I see and give value to the others within my personal world bubble, and how this is built only on the fear based within survival. Which is really directly rooted within my relationship with money.

I commit myself to change the starting point of my relationship with money so that instead of it only being about supporting those within my personal world in/as money, I change that to that which will support all as one as equal in what is best for all, effectively purifying myself in the relationship that I have towards money and survival.

When and as I see myself only accepting and allowing myself to live within fear of what may happen if I do succeed, I stop myself and breathe, seeing how I am actually in essence already one and equal with life, yet have programmed myself to have always been accepting and allowing myself to be one and equal within the separation and fear within my life. Where I have formed this belief that I am broken beyond repair, and so effectively cutting down my own ability to walk myself free through change, in and as any real practical point of self movement and motivation that is based within self honesty and trust of myself.

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing myself to buy into the idea of myself as a being that is separate from life, and realizing that this is something that require an active choice and maintainance to uphold which is actually a point of self-abuse where I feed this belief through the pillage of myself as substance.

I commit myself to stop the pillage of myself as life as the perfection of myself as the physical human body and honor myself here within breathe, walking myself through the process of bringing myself back from the dead of the mind, seeing how through this participation in and as the mind consciousness system I have accepted and allowing myself to exist within the belief that I am actually a robot zombie.

I commit myself to break down this belief through my own personal journey back to life one point at a time through the utilization of the tools that I have been able to learn and am capable of applying, seeing how this is only a SMALL amount of effort that is actually required. And seeing how upholding the beliefs and cons of separation is actually a system that requires constant feeding off of my self as source which in self honesty requires MORE effort to uphold as the lie that I keep feeding myself.

I commit myself to see how in the long run through this journey back to life the initial point of facing myself and pushing through the resistance is really the most difficult as I have already seen for myself to be true through the progress I have made within my world already.

When and as I see myself placing my mind in a superior placement/position to my physical human body and making myself a slave to the fears of changing and subjecting myself to the exploitation of myself as substance, I stop myself and breathe and see how I have accepted those fears to justify the self-abuse of myself as physicality through harvest of those substances to feed and uphold those fear systems within my mind.

I commit myself to stop the abuse of myself through the suppression of mind systems and to actually see and address all of the points of fear within me through my personal journey back to life.

I commit myself to see how the suppression still exist within my points of desire, and that even within the current standing of myself many of the points that I current and facing are only being addressed through systems of suppression and that look self honesty they still exist as friction and as points of self-doubt.

I commit myself to see how the will only really be address is through self movement where I take on those points one at a time in detail and specificity.

I commit myself to the effort and will that is required to push myself through the initial resistance to face those points, and through the fears that exist about who I could possibly without those points of self sabotage and self-abuse definitions within me.

I commit myself to stop the fear of letting go of the mind, and realizing that if I want to exist here as life equal and one I have to give my fear, I have to give up the disillusionment that I have accepted and allowed myself to belief that I am and have been for my entire life here in this lifetime.

I commit myself to stop believing and a living within the narrow spectrum of myself as memories where I only define myself within those limited points of self view and self-definition.

I commit myself to actually see and take on the fear of who I really am and who I really could be if I were to actually let go, and actually move past myself as suppression into a real self-expression.

I commit myself to move myself within effort and find out what I really am as self-expression through living a life of principle and aligning myself in and as equality and oneness through my journey back to life.


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