219. Chef Sham Part 4. Corrections.

When and as I see myself defining myself within my workplace as something boring, unfulfilling, disappointing, and not up to my standards, I stop myself and breathe and realize that what is happening here is that I am judging my experience against something that I project as “should be”, rather then working with what is.

I commit myself to stop playing my desires out in front of where I am at, and realizing that to get anywhere I have to walk through the steps of actually taking on what is in front of me with full capability and full responsibility, instead of whining or complaining about how this is not the way that I want things to be.

I commit myself stand up and do the best that I can do within my workplace to show myself first and foremost what I really am capable of doing within my work in the cooking industry, and use that as a platform to show myself that I can take that into any field that I choose to explore within my life.

I commit myself to see and realize how these reactions are really nothing more then emotional responses, and that these are actually choices that I make in the moment in whether to participate or to not participate in something.

I commit myself to realize that when I define my experience as boring and a disappointment I am actually creating that experience as I am not allowing myself to breathe in each moment and give equal value to all moments within my life.

I commit myself to see how this experience is actually only really taking place within my mind as a point of self judgment of when and where I am feeling good about my experience and where I am feeling bad, thus basing my experience of myself only on the feeling and emotional aspect, instead of the practical point of working with what is in my hands.

When and as I see myself placing so much emphasis and focus on the actual job instead of the expression of myself within the job, I stop and breathe, and realize that the true nature of myself is not any particular job, or point of what that job entails, what I can gain from it at this point, but rather find myself as a point of stability within how I choose to work within my job.

I commit myself to find a stable expression of myself within my work, remembering to breathe as the primary point of being there within myself unconditionally, and realizing that work is only a series of moments within breathe, just like being at home or on the bus, etc.

I commit myself to then see how the emphasis has only ever been on the experience of myself through point of stimulation and the propagation of energy within myself, as like good job/bad job types of scenarios.

When and as I see myself not wanting to participate within my work because of not wanting to deal with the hierarchy of this particular workplace I stop myself and breathe, and realize that this experience is not a new one to me but in fact is something that I associate with many of my previous jobs.

When and as I see myself desiring to stop working as a chef, solely on the grounds/basis of comparing my experiences as memories within industry as being bad or not enjoyable, I stop myself and breathe and then see how all along this has many been about getting by with the least effort and the highest result.

I commit myself to stop associating my current expression of myself with the memories that I hold towards other jobs.

I commit myself to instead focus on what I can do within my day to day world currently and stop expecting something else out of this in the form of experience, knowledge and information, or a energetic high.

I commit myself to realize how this expectation is really something that I can use to justify not putting in a honest effort within my work ethic, where I make the exchange about what I am do in relation to what I get from my jobs, instead I commit myself stop using excuses as to why I cannot/should not work hard at any given job, or task.

I commit myself to see how the experiences of work that I am looking for is something that will come up naturally as I remain myself “here”, and that I will learn and observe the details within cooking that will allow me to progress while being here in breathe rather then being in the mind, and where instead of demanding specific types of cooking knowledge from my workplaces I can instead learn through awareness of myself and practice of deliberately paying attention to details.

I commit myself to see how this point of applying myself and committing to doing the best that I can do for myself is really about remaining present in all situations.

When and as I see myself separating myself from the actually physical act of cooking, and just placing in a category of something that must be done to survive, I stop myself and breathe, and see how this has really made me adversarial towards cooking on the whole where I instead of being able to utilize cooking as a form of self expression I have really made it about just the job that gets me money and then I go home.

I commit myself to stop separating myself from the physical act of cooking, where I enjoy myself within what this physical act has to offer me.

I commit myself to remember to breathe and to really take in the aromas and the physical sensations that are present within the act of cooking to remind me that I am here, instead of being only in the mind the whole time planning and scheming about what I am going to do later.

I commit myself to stop the negative stance that I have taken towards cooking from the basis of making the act of cooking a labor/chore in itself rather then the potential to be a act of self expression and creation that I can thoroughly enjoy, as I have shown myself that this is possible.

When and as I see myself basing my entire experience of working in the cooking industry as something where I want to help people feel good, I stop myself and breathe, and realize that this point of wanting to help people, or make people feel good through cooking is really an attempt to fulfill myself and make myself feel good.

When and as I see myself acting within a altruistic starting point I stop myself and breathe and see how altruism when boiled down is really only self interest.

I commit myself to stop the point of looking for emotional gratification through cooking, and realize that self fulfillment comes through self honesty and trust of self, and not through the praises of others.

I commit myself to put in the best effort that I can as not a matter of pleasing others but a point of building self honest trust within myself in how I choose to conduct myself within any situation, work wise, or other wise.

When and as I see myself not taking responsibility for the fact that nothing that I have done within this point participation with my mind has been/is for the benefit of all, I stop myself and breathe, and recognize how this has actually only ever been about gaining something for myself through the desire for fame, specialness, and praise for my abilities/accomplishment.

I commit myself to realize that participation within the mind has always left me unsatisfied because I am never able to fulfill my own standards of what I really want which is to be venerated by others in some/any way.

I commit myself to again understand how the point of self respect is born from trust with self, and learning to work within what I am capable of doing in any given moment, rather then fantasizing or scheming about what could be, or what I will be doing.

I commit myself to see how this is only a mind projection and has not really bearing on what/how I am experience myself here, in every moment, but rather only shows me how I am not living up to my own desires of self importance in the future, and then spiral a pattern of depression, and through that poor work ethic into a feedback loop scenario.

I commit myself to stop the feedback loop.

When and as I see myself participating in passing the blame onto others within my workplace instead of taking on myself and taking full responsibility for my ability to physically work instead of giving into the patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, desires, I stop myself and breathe, and instead bring myself back an see what I can do to find a way to create a scenario that is best for all.

I commit myself to stop blaming the other people for what I am not able to take full responsibility of my own mind and instead work within self to find a best for all solution.

When and as I see myself using the justification of this job being temporary as a excuse to not put it a self honest full effort with my approach and attitude with my work ethic, I stop myself and breathe, and instead choose to be here within my work no matter how much time I have been working with a particular job.

I commit myself to give myself a self honest effort within my work, and no matter how long I have been working within a particular job to maintain a strong personal work ethic.

I commit myself to stop the experience of remaining neutral where I judge myself within my work as being here because I am not having a good/bad day, and I commit myself to see/realize how neutrality is not “hereness” where I am aware of myself in breathe.

I commit myself to reconstruct my work experience to one where I am aware of myself to the best of ability within breathe, realizing that this initially will be challenging and will require many re-alignments but is something that I am fully capable of.


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