224. A look at e-motivation Sc.

When and as I see myself accessing a point of desire within myself to be successful to the point where I become overwhelmed within myself in accordance with the world around me I stop myself and breathe and then realize that the desire actually represents a lack within me which is really a fear of death, where I do not want to live an “inferior” life or a life of struggle, and dying without “making a difference” which when broken down this is really only a difference within my own experience of life and not what will be a sustainable solution for everyone.

I commit myself to thus realign myself within and as the principles of equality and oneness and from there realign this as the foundational starting point of my actions.

I commit myself to then realize that within my day-to-day life if I am living within a point of desire then I am not really allowing myself to be here within breathe and have really taken self-interest as the starting point of my actions.

I commit myself to build a starting point that represents as actually solution that will last forever and benefit all life so this type of situation of self and social limitation does not have to exist anymore/again.

When and as I see myself sedating the realization of oneness and equality with the desire for success, personal wealth and the emphasis on how I feel I stop myself and breathe and bring myself back here and realize that this is only a model of behaviour that I have carried around for most of my life but it was something that I was taught/learned/integrated into my world and that I am able to change that.

I commit myself to change the relationship that I carried about the reasoning of what motivates me within this world from a point of personal self-interest to one that is best for all in all situations.

I commit myself to realize that sometimes what is best for all will obviously go against what I WANT, and how I want to feel in a given situation/decision, and within those moment to remember to always breathe and remember that what I am doing is actually not only what is best for everyone but in fact is best for myself as well.

I commit myself to stop the blame that I place on others when a particular situation does now work out the way that benefits myself in the way that I want/expected it to and in those situations to stop taking these moments personally.

I commit myself for accepting and allowing myself to accept the full responsibility of myself in walking within and as the starting point of equality and oneness as my motivational starting point.

I commit myself first to live the understand that being here, stable, as breathe and build my starting point of motivation from here, seeing how this is the how I will actually be able to move through live without doubt and push through all the resistance that I will come up as I move through the layers of my mind and self-deception within my personal process and journey back to life.

I commit myself to break down the walls within myself that stop me from realizing the extent of which my mind has controlled me for my whole life where I do not take into account the extent of self harm that I have actually done to myself through participating within thoughts, feelings, and emotions, in which actually deteriorates the self as the sacrifice of the substance of my physical body to generate and sustain the mind within thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

When and as I see myself buying into the philosophy of survival of the fittest and in such placing myself within a position of worthlessness in comparison of the other beings that have obtained, specifically especially, financial success and just give up within myself, I stop myself and breathe and, realize that this is actually a projection of myself within myself where I do not actually allow myself to move past the wall I built within myself.

I commit myself to actually give myself a chance to change through the understanding that I am able to live through and as my fullest potential by stopping the self judgments of worthlessness and self-deception that because I do not have financial success in this moment that this precludes my entire life and position within this life.

I commit myself to realize that this requires a dedication to self through the initial deconstruction of myself as the mind of thoughts, feelings, emotions, belief, judgments, projections, etc, everything that I have accepted and allowing myself to believe that defines me as a point of self-interest only and realigning that to a starting point of the reality that all are here equally as one continuous movement of life.

I commit myself to the effort that is required to walk myself through this and realize that it will not always be an easy walk in the park as I have already seen but remaining dedicated to myself is important to building the self-trust that is required to walk myself free from my mind.

I commit myself to recognize the triggers in which I tend to hold myself back within which are areas in which I do not find enjoyable and am living within a desire for stimulation.

I commit myself instead to practice living the principles of equality and oneness and living through breath to see and come to a practical understanding of what really is best for all in any given situation.

I commit myself to become clear within myself what my intentions are, what principles a am living by and realigning the self definitions that I hold to a realization of self honest equality with all life.

I commit myself to the commit that I make with myself and understand that in breaking the commitments that I make with myself all that I doing is proving to myself that I have been unable to form any real trust within myself, and so I commit myself to become practical about this and write out the process of what my personal understanding of the principles of equality and oneness are and seeing if or if not they are really what is best for all or if they are secretly indoctrinated within a point of self-interest.

When and as I see myself defining my experience within and as the point of neutrality I stop myself and breathe realizing that within the point of basing my experience of self stability within and as neutrality I am really only buying into and giving acceptance to the polarity scale of emotions and feelings where the definition of myself within neutrality is not hereness but a intermediary state between positivity and negativity.

I commit myself to see how neutrality does not constitute hereness but actually only represent a median between the movement of myself between the poles of positivity and negativity and cannot actually be a sustainable expression of self, as this is still an acceptance of the polarity scale within me.

I commit myself to instead work with myself a little bit each day within writing and my physical expression of myself to breakdown the experience of neutrality into eventually moving myself as breathe through each moment.

When and as I see myself being pulled around within myself as an experience of polarity energy systems, I stop myself and breathe, realizing that I cannot ever find real guidance within myself if I am only pursuing experiences of stimulation and only walking paths in which I feel/want to be correct.

When and as I see myself only moving myself to do something that makes me happy or makes me feel stimulated I stop myself and breathe, and I realize how this is actually a way for my mind to never escape because I am never actually investigating anything or myself critically.

I commit myself to see how sometimes I will have to move myself down and though a particular path within my world that will not initially be want to walked.

I commit myself to stop the resistance in walking these paths because I do not actually see myself changing and I at this stage am addicted to the energetic experiences that are concocted by and within my mind.

I commit myself to guide myself through the energetic distractions and bring myself back here to begin to really walk with myself and get to know who I have allowed myself to become, and instead of being fearful of facing that to instead just take it in stride and walk through it, with the understanding that this is not who I really am for one and that I am able to take the directive control and ability within my world.

I commit myself to see how anything else that I try to convince myself with is actually an excuse that I have created to remain standing still.

I commit myself to stop the participation with energy in my world so I can really find out what it is that I am capable of and what is practical for me to pursuing within my world so as to support myself financially as well as remaining aware of what will bring about the greatest leverage in creating a world best for all.


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