227. Why I do not want to stand. Pt 3 Life is boring SC.

When and as I see myself define my life as being boring and place a definition of life as boring because I adhere to a definition of life from a starting point that is based within energy or the lack of energy, I stop myself and breathe and realize that this is actually a unsustainable way of approaching my day to day living and that I will always face issues within myself if I am basing my foundation of self within energy.

I commit myself to stop using energy as a guideline of where I am within my process and realize that energy as thoughts/feelings/emotions of a positive nature are unsustainable as they are only representations and reactions to the negative polarity spectrum and from there never find motivation that is sustainable and directed from self.

When and as I see myself translating the positive energetic experiences into memories in which I desire to recreate I stop myself and breathe and realize that this is really not a self directed form of motivation but is actually only a ploy I play within myself to try to gain positive experiences and run from the negative ones.

I commit myself to stop using memories as the point in which I base my choices of what I am willing to do within my world where I choose only the choices that give me a positive feedback experience within myself as being the only option.

I commit myself to realize that many times I will need to face the possibility of doing what I would ordinarily place in a category of not wanting to because it gives me a negative feeling/experience within myself, and realize that this is really the point of transcending my own mind limitations and conditions of comfort/effort that I have set for myself.

I commit myself to stop defining boredom as anything that is not capturing my life within memories or in the lack of recreate the experience of previous memories.

I commit myself to stop reacting to negative memories/experiences within my world, and not realizing how the relationship of the polarity equation actually work where fear of the negative leads to the avoidance of those experiences through the desire and pursuit of the positive.

I commit myself to stop using positive memories and experiences as a system of suppression of the negative ones where I do not want to do something so I just go off and do something else that give that feel good feeling.

I commit myself to push myself through those moments and breathe and realize that breathing is really the point of taking self directive ability where I bring myself back here.

When and as I see how what I have done is really create a system where I link back events like doing schoolwork from the past and place them into my world today and then link that experience into and as all other congruent experiences as being boring and not enjoyable, I stop myself in these moments and breathe, realizing that what I am doing is really just creating a classification system within myself for what events/experiences/tasks are boring/negative and which ones are fun/positive, and in such making some tasks much harder to walk through then necessary.

I commit myself to remove the charges of things that I am faced with in my day to day living and instead look at the situations that come up with the question of what is best for all in these cases, what can I do within my own life that will lead to and expand into a area that will benefit all life, and stick to this as a real substantial, sustainable guideline for motivation.

When and as I see myself not allowing myself to discredit the simple solution of just breathing to stabilize myself within the moment just because it does not fulfill the requirements of keeping boredom and negative experiences a bay, I stop myself and breathe, and remember that breathe is the only real indication of if I am here, and that the here moment is really the only thing with value from the perspective of not participating in the mind.

I commit myself to utilize breathing in a consistent and aware manner to confirm to myself that I am actually here.

I commit myself to stop playing tricks within myself by giving value to thoughts/feeling/emotions as points of charge and thinking that these are what is real.

I commit myself to stop discrediting breathe as boring because it does not stimulate the suppression of negative experiences.

I commit myself to stop using comparison of my past experiences with every moment and giving up the ability to actively participate and be here in each moment instead.

When and as I see myself acting within the belief that I am going to miss out on something within thinking and churning through idea, projections, etc I stop myself and breathe, realizing that when I am constantly absorbed within the importance of a train of thoughts I am actually missing out on what is real within that/this moment observing and participating in what is happening around me in awareness.

I commit myself in those moments of being absorbed within thinking to STOP, and bring myself back to stillness and within that stillness see that any movement within me is actually of the mind.

I commit myself then to in those moment take account of the things that are coming up within me within the mind, and to take responsibility for those things either through self forgiveness in the moment or if I am unable to in that moment, then to flag point the movement and work through the thought later.

I commit myself to stop believing in the idea that I am missing out on something within my thoughts and to realize that the vast majority of things that I am thinking about or scheming about within my own mind are only a response to a fear of survival, looking for a way out to safety where in I have not fully understood how to actually walk within my life/world yet and that only through a consistent application of the principles of equality and oneness in my daily living will I truly find and implement my true potential as a responsible human being.

I commit myself to realize that real life exist here within the physical reality of the moment in breathe and not within the mind as thoughts/feelings/emotions/etc.

When and as I see myself standing within a belief that walking process is to difficult, and that stopping thoughts is to hard, I stop myself and breathe and take a look at what this really is saying where all that is actually going on is I am allowing and accepting myself to stand within a choice to not pay attention, to not be aware of myself in each moment. A choice that I am making to remain in the mind rather then here as breathe.

I commit myself discontinue the idea/belief that I am not strong enough to walk process, and that stopping my thoughts is to hard, and instead realize in the moment when I notice that I am preoccupied withing a stream of thoughts that I am able to make the choice to stop, and be here within breathe instead of giving into self doubt and self sabotage.

I commit myself to stop the self abuse of myself as the physical through the depletion of myself as substance within and as the creation of thought energy.

I commit myself instead to stand within myself as breathe and bring myself back to breathe whenever I find myself drifting into thought streams. No matter how enticing it may seem to do so.

I commit myself to realize that in time I will develop a deeper understanding of when I am the actual force that is directing me within my world and when I am being directed in and by the mind consciousness system.

I commit myself to recognize the value and stability to my life/world that developing and realizing my awareness of myself within breathe will provide and gift myself with.

I commit myself to stop the abuse that is allowed when I am ignoring life as breathe, and the use of the mind as a tool of/for self interest and to instead bring myself back into a place of eventual nothingness so as to rebuild myself within the image and likeness of equality and oneness.


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