235. Is Feeling Living. Sc.

When and as I see myself not living a preventative lifestyle for myself I stop myself and breathe, reassess the reality of the situation where I look at what is actually going on. If I am behaving within a feeling based living or a practical living.

I commit myself to live prevention in seeing the difference in where I am basing my experience off of feeling.

I commit myself to instead ask myself if what I am doing as a feeling based living could be changed to a practical, preventative living through the practice of awareness and how I would make everyday choices.

When and as I see myself wanting to make preventative choices for others within my world I stop myself and breathe, looking at what is behind this drive to help/prevention need within me in response to other beings.

I commit myself first to discover prevention within myself and stop attempting to live both lives of saying that prevention is the best cure to others and then living totally different and within feelings in my own life and the then getting upset when others do not change.

I commit myself to stop the expectation that I hold on other to recognize the things that I have said, stop the frustration where I see that things within others lives could be prevented with some application of moderation, and instead just focus on how I am living. Really looking at if this is a principle that I live by within my world, and realize that living prevention is the best way to provide an example for other beings.

When and as I see myself thinking that living a preventative life is the same as living neurotically, I stop myself and breathe and realize that living neurotically is a way of living from within a place of where fear is the main motivation.

I commit myself to stop living neurotically where fear is the real reason why I am attempting to live in such a way where I looking at magic cures, and then trying to pass on this magic to others convincing them that is the want to be healthy they should follow me

When and as I see myself taking on feelings of guilt because I believe myself to have fail another being because I have not actual stood up within myself in the moment and allowed myself to step back and realize what I can actually do in any given situation involving another being, I stop and breathe and stop taking other beings choices in life as a personal reflection of my own abilities and choices.

I commit myself to realize that I cannot influence everyone, and much less realize that my personal process should not actually be about influencing others but rather to realize myself within and as oneness and equality.

I commit myself to see how this is only a reflection that I am experiencing when I think and believe that another being should be walking the way that I see could benefit them from my own perspectives.

I commit myself to see how my personal opinions and conclusions may not actually have relevance to and be useful within another beings life, and that all I should and can be doing is to live my life in such a way that is best for me, while remembering the principles of equality and oneness, treating others as how I would like to be treated and from there stand as an actual self-expression for and as an example, while not for the other being, but rather for myself under the understanding that this is what is best for all and making that one of my life guidelines for life.

When and as I see myself defining myself and my world within sets of feelings, emotions, and the thoughts that come along with those, I stop myself and breathe, realizing and seeing how these feelings and thoughts are the only thing that I have ever really lived under and within and that I will only ever end up at the same sum of separation within my world and relationships with others.

I commit myself to stop using thoughts, feelings, emotions as the central guideline to how I live my life, and see how to change my world I will have to let go of this pattern of behavior and start living practically with what is here.

I commit myself to see how another being can be truly assisted and supported if the other being is looking for and asks for assistance and that providing support cannot be a point of personal opinion that has its starting point rooted in a feeling about how something is, rather than basing the support on physical facts.

When and as I see myself becoming lost within and as my own creation as a personal polarity scale movement, I stop myself and breathe, and see how this system of self entrapment has caused me to live from within such a limited experience where not only am I requiring others to give up their own self discovery and direction, I actually am using emotions and feelings in such a way the deplete my own self as the physical.

I commit myself to see how I am effectively cannibalizing my own human physical body in the participation within the mind, through thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I commit myself to realize the this reality that I create for myself within my own polarity scale is in fact not real, and is only being generated within myself at the expense of my physical body through the use of and generation of energy.

I commit myself to see how energy while seemingly real is in fact something that cannot be sustained on its own and actually requires fuel by the sacrifice of my own cells.

When and as I see myself only ever accepting the guilt that I create for myself within and as the mistakes that I have made in the past, I stop myself and breathe, and see how when I hold myself within a pattern of guilt I do not allow myself to act on, learn from, or even see any and all solutions to how I could change myself within future events/situations.

When and as I see myself making a excuses for why I did something or behave/reacted in a certain way and for the belief within myself that I must feel guilty without looking first at where I stood at the time, and seeing if I was even capable of acting differently, I stop myself and breathe and see how in behaving this way I close all doors to change and actually promote a reactionary behavior pattern where I am eternally trying to fix the situation and make up for the perceived wrongdoing.

I commit myself to release myself from the guilt of past mistakes and instead take a look at myself within the time that the initial split with myself and the other being took place. And instead of automatically going into a created pit of pity about something I did, to take it apart and look at how I could learn from the experience and change the dynamic of the problem to one where the outcome could potentially be changed to something that would be actually best for all.

I commit myself to stop hiding behind excuses of why I need to apparently fix this person/s because I did them wrong in the past and realize that all I am doing is creating a situation where I am consistently trying to catch up with my mistakes and get back to “even” with the other being.

And thus I commit myself to act within and according to what is practical within my life here in the physical, and stop living from within a reactionary stance and starting point to my approach to the people that I apparently am trying to help.

I commit myself to stop the patterns of trying to help people from the starting point of satisfying my own egoistic need to feel vindicated and useful within myself to one where I actually utilize the approach of common sense and practicality of what works physically.

I commit myself to educate myself on what actually is supportive of and for the human physical body so I when faced with a situation of question I can express myself from a place of practical research and not from a starting point of opinion and feelings about what I see someone should be living their life-like.

When and as I see myself ignoring the fact that my personal feelings and emotions have real world effects and consequences within and as other beings worlds and experiences I stop myself and breathe, seeing how whenever I see myself WANTING to impose my opinion on another that is based purely within a feeling I can see that this is something that is more for myself and satisfying me rather than actually assisting the other being.

I commit myself to stop sharing my opinions that are starting from a place of where I feel like the other being should live their life a certain way because this is what has worked for me.

I commit myself to remove the dependence that is generated from within this platform and see how in placing this onto others is actually causing me to miss out on what is actually happening, where by I only will see the things that I want to see and in turn only actually interact from a place of self interest, either by forcing my opinion onto another or looking to preserve my stance by not interacting at all.

I commit myself to stop the fear that is associated with having my opinions challenged and broken by another being, where I do not want to accept anything that I do not feel is correct and instead of seeing each beings life experiences/turmoils as a lessons, I only see them as obstacles to be overcome and broken down to be replaced with my own.

I commit myself to stop shying away from the opportunity to have my opinions challenged because I do not actually trust myself to know what is best, and in such never actually learn from my interactions with others and place the memories of failures and past experiences in a place of complete superiority to how I am able to experience and express myself in any given moment.

I commit myself to see how this is not actually living, but is actually only a form of treading water within myself, and keeping up my own personal status quo.

I commit myself to stop building up my own self importance within and as this status quo where I only accept the reaction to fear and being wrong as the motivating factor to why I interact with other where I only push back within my knowledge and information base to which I am basing off of a positive/neutral/negative comparative scale rather than seeing and living within a stable point of expressing support for the other being as myself.

I commit myself to stop viewing lack of understanding in how to support another being as a weakness and instead simply seeing this as a point of focus that I have not actually walk through yet.

When and as I see myself spinning of into other realities of the mind where I continue to behave in old patterns and habits with others, I stop myself and breathe, seeing how instead of submitting to my own mind I am capable of changing my relationship to my experience in such a way that I can constructively learn how to be here in breathe instead.

I commit myself to breathe through the typical experiences of fear of lose when facing these situations where I am face with the idea that I may lose someone that is close to me.

I commit myself to see how the connections and definitions that are involved with losing someone close to me are/is actually only taking place within the mind in a format of viewing this other being as being more or less then other beings and that this is really only based within feelings inside the mind.

When and as I see myself believing/giving value to feelings/emotions/thoughts, I stop myself and breathe and see how when I based everything that I do within these mind points that I am never actually in control.

I commit myself to take back control of myself from the energetic responses that I am having to again being the directive force within my world by investigating the reactions and responses that I have and looking at why these things are happening and what is really the root source of the reactions and participation.

When and as I see myself comparing myself with other beings and how it seems so natural for us as human beings to live according to our feelings I stop myself and breathe and realize that through participation we are totally abdicating our personal responsibility for our actions and not actually ever realizing why we do/say particular things.

I commit myself to see how this can have a multitude of different reactions/consequences that will invariably affect not only ourselves but the other beings and life around us.

I commit myself to see how the allure of this is great for myself and for others because it seems so real and in such the allure of a positive response/reactions is so great against the opposing polarity of the negative.

I commit myself to stop the excuse that I am justified in validating my own pursuit of feelings/emotions simply because I see others doing so and it seems so “natural” and “real”.

I commit myself then to see how this process will take time for each individual to self realize, and that this will require particular prerequisite experiences to take place for each, and that for myself the formation of excuses where I compare myself to others is really only a way for me to not stand up within myself.

I commit myself therefore to stop wasting time in regards to trying to get others to see what I am seeing, and instead focus invariably on where I am standing, who am I within my process, and what principles I in fact am living by and within.

When and as I see myself not letting myself live up to the fullest that I realize that I am capable of, I stop myself and breathe and remind myself that any time that I waste with eventually need to be accounted for and hold myself in atonement for, so it is in my own best self interest to walk within and as the principles of what is best for myself as what is best for all in each moment of breathe.

I commit myself to continue to push myself through my process of self realization for myself and stop creating avoidable confliction and contradictions within myself that I will be required to walk later.

I commit myself instead to start taking on myself in actual self honesty in each moment so as to minimize the time that is required to walk myself free from my mind, realizing that in the application of self for self lies the actual key in supporting and assisting others.

I commit myself to see how in the application of myself in self honest I begin to avoid the common mistakes that I have always accepted and allowed myself to fall back within.

I commit myself to actually utilize the mind projections as a point of reference in what is still required for me to walk, instead of seeing it as some great enemy that needs to be killed/vanquished I can redefine my own mind as something of where I can see what I have chosen to accept and allow and change myself from there within that platform, so stopping the guilt that is carried around within seeing that still have a long way to go.

I commit myself to see how that redefinition actually can be utilized to remove the common pitfalls of procrastination and laziness that I see and accept within my world.

I commit myself to avoid the illusion that is the pursuit of happiness and instead realized that the ideas that are upheld within the idea of looking for happiness is actually only a response/reaction of not being satisfied within the current experience/moment that I currently occupy within myself.

Instead I commit myself to living from within a starting point of enjoyment of the moment where I enjoy being here, despite what that here moment actually entails.

When and as I see myself scoffing at and holding judgment over other beings who have apparently placed value on the allotment of money over their personal physical health I stop myself and breathe and see how this type of reaction really only highlights my own personal bias against money and how at this time I still do not fully understand myself in regards to how I view money in this world.

I commit myself to educate myself further about how the manifestation of money occurs and what money really represents within society and the relationships that many people and myself have towards money.

I commit myself to fully immerse myself in the possibility of money as the utilization of money as a preventative force instead of a force that is used to separate and enslave.

I commit myself to see how the only actual way to purify my relationship with money is to walk the point thoroughly through the utilization of the desteni tools, to fully understand how/what my relationship with money actually personally means to me.

I commit myself to change my relationship with money from one of personal survival to one where I view money as a tool to create a world that is best for all.

I commit myself to realize that the personal relationship that I have with money and how I am changing that relationship will take time for others to come to similar conclusions, and that I should be able to handle this without having any feelings or beliefs about money influence the way that I interact with others or view others.

When and as I start to downplay the nature of myself within this world where I give into the idea that I forgo my ability to make a difference in this world and believe that I am in fact to small of a piece to make have any real effect, I stop myself and breathe, and see how besides the point that the world is actually made up individual pieces, that in fact each idea that is passed along has come from and within the understanding of previous people and individuals, so it is important to not underestimate, and downplay the ability of myself to become an effective being/individual within this world.

I commit myself to fully realize that despite my potential that this process is one of practicality and that I can never really say that I am effective without actually excesizing my potential in a way that is actually measurable, tangible, practical, and permanent.

When and as I see myself closing myself off from the larger picture because there is some rough patches within my internal circle, I stop myself and breathe and realize the actuality of the situation, where standing up for life is a way of making sure that I am taking the point of prevention of something that was about what I could have done, to something that is real time, practiced and realized for and as all.

I commit myself to make prevention real, so all can reap the benefit of living within a world where all can express themselves fully without fear of falling into disparity, hardship, and struggle.

I commit myself to become a beacon to bring about a world free from fear of survival to stop the abuse of oneself here in the physical for all time.


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