245. Consequences of a unaware moment. More sc statements.

When and as I see myself acting and living within/by a systemic fear of not being accepted by other being and within this I do not not allow myself to see and set particular limits in how I relate and deal with other beings, I stop myself and breathe, realizing that when I am looking to build myself up within the eyes of other beings really what I am saying about myself is that I do not accept me, trust me, or value myself enough to stand within a point of stability in each moment, viewing myself constantly from within a negative starting point and in the attempt to win over others with deeds and words what I am trying to do is move myself from a negative energetic starting point to a positive energetic starting point.

So I thus commit myself to change my relationship to energy where I recognize the way that I am behaving and interacting with other beings has/is really a form of self preservation within and as the belief and cultivation of energy within me as my mind.

I commit myself to realize that every time that I am looking to “help” someone that what is really taking place is a systematic outsourcing of energy to gain greater returns for myself.

I commit myself to stop the negative self view as my starting point within my interactions with other beings and to find and locate with the use of the tools of self forgiveness, and self corrective application to find the source of this negative self view/judgment, and realizing that this may take time to fully uncover why I do not actually hold faith in myself outside the systems of energetic polarity.

When and as I see myself taking other peoples lives into myself as a point of responsibility, and buying into the belief that I can improve a persons experience of themselves through the lending out of money or giving of advice, I stop and breathe, and see that social change does not actually come from personal charity, but a consistent and constant living expression of principles of equality and oneness with all life.

I commit myself to see how in accepting and allowing myself to take other peoples problems on/into my own sphere of responsibility I am really diminishing myself.

I commit myself to see that taking actual responsibility for all that is here requires a clear starting point within myself and within my process.

I commit myself to see how walking within my process as a clear starting point really stands in a example for others to see with or without them being aware of it or even taking notice, and that other people getting or understanding what I am doing or standing for is not a prerequisite for me to remain clear and stable within my journey and self expression.

When and as I see myself believing that my personal charity is a actual solution within this world I stop myself and breathe and realize that a actual solution would be to do everything that I can to bring about a unconditional basic income.

I commit myself to see how a basic income is a actual solution that address’s all forms of lack within our society.

I commit myself to realize that with a basic income we open doors within our communities to see where it really is that we stand to improve ourselves in a daily practice and see to what degree our societal problems really stem from lack of money and how much are being created within the mind.

I commit myself to stand up for and encourage the systematic reform of political and economic models within my community so as to bring about a world that is best for all.

I commit myself to see how real change starts with the self first and that learning and investigating for myself ways that will allow the instillation of a basic income to come into being and that this will actually be a solution that will remove the fear that is associated with survival and pave the way for others to be able to focus on and walk through a deeper process of self change.

When and as I see myself falling into a point of belief and self deception that comes up within participation with the mind I stop myself and breathe remembering that what I am actually experiencing is a point of self deception and the I do not actually have to participate, and within this that the failure to do so is really a point of ignoring life and giving into the con of consciousness.

I commit myself to stop participating in my mind.

I commit myself to see that looking externally for some kind of seeing or knowing will always lead to a situation where I view something or someone as greater then myself.

I commit myself to realize that the application of myself as principled living is where real satisfaction with myself lies.

I commit myself to see how anything else then remaining here as breathe is in fact the mind and that I will be giving up my right to life and instead giving up my own self expression to a system of energy, which is not of life but actually a abstraction that I have created and projected onto reality.

I commit myself to not forget the the actual solutions will come forth from a place of walking myself through each moment in breathe and will never come out of the mind consciousness system that I create through memories, ideas, and beliefs about the world.

When and as I see myself loaning out money as a point of “helping” another and reacting to the another being when failure to repay the “help”, I stop myself and breathe and realize that I am creating this scenario within my mind, and that what is really going on in this situation is that within the point I have created a debtor and debtee position between myself and the other being and I am only looking to created and maintain a position of power over another being.

I commit myself to stop the separation with other being from the perspective that when choose to loan out money or speak with another being I stop doing so from a starting point of gaining a power position for myself over that other being.

I commit myself to see that the difference in status’s of debtor and debtee are actually being created within my own mind, and that the support that I have given is not actually freely given and that I am creating a unspoken contract with the other being in which they must repay to remain suitable or acceptable within my eyes.

I commit myself to stop testing other beings as a comparison point of whether or not other beings are worthy of my help and worthy of my generosity.

I commit myself instead to place myself within the starting point of understanding of how things within this world actually functions when it comes to money and information, and from there become more selective with how I choose to interact and assist other, realizing that real support can only come from and stand within a self expression of assistance, which is only really valid and worthwhile if my starting point is clear within myself.

I commit myself to stop the expectations of something in return when I provide some for of assistance to another being and within this realize that support and assistance should be free from any expectations beyond reasonable common sense.

I commit myself to not devalue the financial position of myself and see that to really make a difference within this world that I will have to place myself in a position of example for others.

When and as I see myself becoming angry within myself when another being does not return what I have given out, I stop myself and breathe and see how in this stage of the world that many things like this may happen and that it is not something that I need to clutter up my mind with.

I commit myself to see how this who point will take time as I can see within my own process and my own reactions to this situation that it is undeniable that it will require time and practice within myself to come to a place where despite what other people may or may not do, say, or give that it is really me that is in control of my emotions and my ability to remain here.

I commit myself to stop giving unnecessary attention and heed to the system of debt valuation and comparison with others on where another being stands in regards to what they owe me.

I commit myself to not realize that I will not be able to guarantee what another being may do or not do when they are given money and to realize what it is that is the real driving forces as to why people may not see it as courteous to be doing what it is that is what is best for them and best for all in each moment.

I commit myself to see that anger actually is representing friction within my approach and relationship within other within my community and that this expectation is something that is showing me how I still regard others as separate from myself and have yet to realize the actuality of how all are one and equal.

I commit myself to stop the mind in controlling me and see how anything that comes up is really only a point of self interest within me where I do not recognize how this whole system is created out of wanting more for myself secretly and not stopping myself to recognize the personal responsibility that I have to all as myself to stop my mind and work within my own reality first to stop my own points of separation.


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