254. Entitlement.

It occurred to me how much of this world is driven by entitlement. I was just standing outside having a cigarette and I was wondering what it was that was driving me to smoke. I realized that it was built around many things but one thing was how I felt entitled. I felt entitled to do what I want and that was the manner of the subject. I felt entitled to that freedom. But interestingly within this perceive freedom where in it lies the freedom? It is just another box within a box as a point of things that I owe myself that time or owe myself that luxury. All just points of justification within myself why I cannot overcome smoking.

Smoking is another point that I will have to cover in some upcoming blogs but here I wanted to open up about entitlement.

The world entitlement seems to come up quite often at the shelter where I am working. Staff and client each calling each other entitled. Its interesting to see how and what this word has come to mean in a shelter environment. Where it has become synonyms with “lazy” and “needy” or “rude”.

I don’t have a dictionary on had or internet so my definition within myself seems to be leaning more in the direction of being granted ownership of something or being within the rightful claim to a particular thing, I would guess that it is more directly related to material possessions, land, business, money.

But from a secondary perspective entitlement comes to mean believing something is owed to oneself for not really much else then that belief that that is owed. And one feels like one is owed one tends to take. And so in many cases it is really a feeling that one has.

So I realized that the whole world functions within some kind rendition of this, we tend to do things where we can gain this sense of entitlement, where we can find a feeling of being owed something.
A major dysfunction within our economic model I can see stems from this, like the point where one feels like they work so they are entitled to live in a particular state of luxury because of the type of particular work they do. And if someone does not work, then they are not entitled the right to live a full life of dignity, its all about what we perceive is the point of entitlement for oneself in self interest.

Needless to say this is ridiculous. If we are to say we are free beings here on Earth then we are all equally IN-TITLE of a fair share of what the Earth has to provide us, which it has done unconditionally to this point. We are all IN-TITLE to a dignified living. But currently that form of entitlement is beyond us, currently we are standing within a systematic view of competition to get what is owed to me as a single consciousness and screw the rest. Within that the FEELING of entitlement is born. I watched a lecture on the basic income by a Belgian advocate and he was saying that the only viable argument against basic income was that people just didn’t like the IDEA that someone would get money for not doing anything. That goes to show how we have attached and entrenched ourselves into our jobs and current economic model. Where we cannot just allow others to have a life of dignity where it is not possible, even if we see benefit to our own lives.

We deny any other the entitlement to life simply because we feel entitled within what we do.

So within this point of entitlement I started to realize that even within how much I could see the entitlement that other beings have within their lives, it occurred to me that I must be doing the same thing, to feel this deep seeded point of depression. What points of entitlement do I hold personally that are not being fulfilled and so served to be the fuel for the sense of lack within my life?

I can see a range of things pretty much any time I do or participate within any activity within separation I am justifying it through some kind of sense of entitlement. I do not want to stand up and write because I had a long day and so am entitled to relax and take it easy. And within that I can see the disregard for my actual potential to make a difference based simply on the point of personal self interest in wanting a comfortable easy life. When I do something for someone else there is always this underlying tally that is kept where I look at that favor or task as something that provides me with a pass for entitlement, like when I stay late at work it entitles me to leave early next time. Therefore my actions are never really without self interest attached. When I call someone and they do not answer, I have done my part, and entitles me to sit back and wait for them to come around to their part. And so the game is played. Or a big one where I am sick or tired so this entitles me to not continue with my responsibilities or just pass them off on another. It really infects me at the base level.

So how would I stop this view of entitlement within myself or support and assist others within points of entitlement since this is not only about being a entitle, but being on the opposite end of a entitled. It takes the truth out of the things we do, it makes our actions only about getting what is owed to us and forgets the basic oneness and equality that we all share.

So it makes sense to always default back to breathe. Stand within the understanding of my actions and see if they are really carried out for the reason of assistance or if I am looking for something out of the situation.

And within my own experience with myself to really be self honest with the things that I choose to participate in and see what it is that I am really trying to hide from within my points of self entitlement. Where am I not willing to stand within those moments where I just tell myself, you deserve this. Ask myself why I think that I deserve anything that generates and energetic reaction/experience. What I can do within these situations is see if those things are actually align with the physical act of me being here now.

Now again I do not want to deny myself the things that I enjoy, but it comes in to view that what the difference between the two would be is were I am just using entitlement as a scapegoat to do the things that I want just because it gives me a positive experience. And within this I can see how it really takes those points of enjoyment out of a “realness” of those things and just reduces them to a point of making me happy. And from within some of my previous posts I see that generating that “happy” experience is really just about existing within limitation of self accepted and allowed pre-programming.

I will not enjoy all of the points that I have to walk through to really become my true potential but this is a matter of moving past the friction of doing things that I am not used to or find uncomfortable, within that discomfort lies the key to seeing and walking my actual potential within myself, because I am able to open up areas in which my pre-programmed mind existence of myself will not allow.

So I can recognize within this point how much a simple feeling of entitlement can control and limit ones experiences and simply ability to stand in self acceptance, since I will always be looking for that more experience of myself where I did something… and then I want more for myself because I did that thing.

So within this I really need to stop the minds tendency to justify getting more for myself when I do something or contribute towards something and realize the actuality in doing something or not doing something as simply a principle of self. Recognizing where and when I should be doing something or not.

I will continue with some more specific examples within this in posts to come.


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