257. Don’t break the law. SC

When and as I see myself allowing my desires to save money overtake and stand in for my common sense I stop and breathe, and realize that within this point of money I should not have to deceive the system to save money.

I commit myself to see the common sense within each situation to make the decision where I look at my own personal capabilities within my financial position and make decisions based from there.

I commit myself to budget my money more closely so I can keep track of what is available to me each month.

I commit myself to therefore come to common sense solution to what is the most supportive course of action for me to follow within my decisions involving how I choose to spend my money or not spend money.

When and as I see myself going into a experience of guilt towards my decision to try and deceive the system I stop myself and breathe and then realize that the choices that I am choosing are actually the root of this guilt and that I am making the circumstances for the guilt to manifest.

I commit myself to see how I am the actual creator of the guilt that I am experiencing within my mind through the series of events that I am accepting and allowing myself to participate within.

I commit myself to stop defining myself within/by the choices that I make within a point of fear about money and realize that these experiences are arising from a point of not taking responsibilities for the fear of not having enough within my mind, through a preconceive idea of what I should have or where I should be financially.

When and as I see myself becoming possessed within the fear of being caught breaking the law to the point where I am not breathing I stop myself in that moment and breathe and re-access why it is that I am choosing to break a law, recognize the point of lack within that choice to break the law and realign myself where necessary.

I commit myself to see that within the system there are points of law that are able to be bent with no consequence and others that cannot and that I should be able to stand stable within myself to distinguish when breaking a law is practical and when it is only out of self interest and self preservation in reaction to a fear of not having enough for myself.

When and as I see myself fearing being confronted by a police authority is because I fear something that I have done or am doing that is considered a crime, I stop myself and breathe and realize that within this point the choice to break a law with generally be within a point where I am acting of a point of not taking personal authority within my life where I have not taken enough care to realize myself within a point of satisfaction with my experience of myself and am looking for more.

I commit myself to stop the sense of looking for more for myself.

I commit myself to build my choices around taking personal responsibility for myself and my actions to stand as a authority for myself and see that points of wanting/desiring more will lead me down paths where I look to bend the law, or break it in my favor in self interest.

I commit myself to realize that this is where a fear of confrontation comes in where I am only afraid of being caught by police where I realize within myself that I am looking to create a more for me experience.

I commit myself to see how this creates a self definition of shame as viewing myself within my mind as criminal, and that this then overtakes and interrupts my ability to stand within myself as the physical, and dissuading me to be here within breathe.

I commit myself to see how this more for me experience is what I accepted and allowed myself to stand within in the decision to firstly make the decision to buy and used the pass.

I commit myself to fully consider the consequences of a choice before I make it so I am not stuck within a situation where I am breaking the law for self interested reasons.

I commit myself to learn from this experience and see that walking this process is something that requires patience to walk with integrity within myself.

When and as I see myself replaying the scenario within my mind continuously a scenario where I get caught breaking a law over and over and generating a point of fear within myself, I stop myself and breathe, and in this take notice of where the point of fear is being generating from, and within this take action to then prevent myself from next time making the decision that allows for this experience to take place.

I commit myself to stop breaking the law where I create and cultivate a feeling of fear within myself.

I commit myself to see that certain actions and decision are the point of focus to realize that this is where I am standing within a point of separation within myself and from society.

I commit myself to stop making those decisions which place me into a point of personal self guilt and worry of a mental scenario of being fount out.

I commit myself to stop the shame that I feel about placing myself in a position of being caught where the reason for the fear of being caught is about having to pay more money if found out and not actually standing up within myself and taking responsibility about where I stand financially in the first place.

When and as I see myself fearing not having enough to be the primary driving force for me making the decision to break the law initially.

I commit myself to stand within self trust about where I stand financially and realize that a fear of not having enough for myself is not a valid justification for breaking the law.

I commit myself to address the point of fear within myself by accessing specifically what are the factors in which I judge my situation to not be satisfactory within what I desire within my life.

I commit myself to see that for the most part the point is about obtaining material possessions and experiences for the generation of myself as the more of me experience as energy, and energetic experiences.

I commit myself to use my ability to access the decisions that I make from a point of common sense and within this understand the implications of breaking a law and come to a practical understanding of the consequences of using something like a illegal pass.

When and as I see myself become anger towards the system and where I stand within relationship to the system, to the point of where I feel like I am owed something or have the right to something like cheap transportation, I stop myself and breathe, realizing that within this what is really going on is that I am attempting to impose my own set of values and beliefs upon the system out of a belief of entitlement and self interest for a more for me experience.

I commit myself to see that the point of desire for more for me is actually rooted within a point of lack within myself where I see myself as not having enough for me to be completely content, and within this a feeling of anger is generated, along with the experience of worry about survival.

I commit myself to see that this is not really about a point of just surviving since I am at a place of relative stability within my ability to survive and that what I am attempting to do within breaking the law in this case is simply about ensuring a particular ability to gain more material things for myself, where I see that if I save money in this area I am able to buy more things for myself.

I commit myself to realize that the anger towards the system is not so much a point of anger at being controlled as much as it is about not being currently able to gain access to all of the energetic experiences that money can buy.

When and as I see myself justifying my decisions to cheat translink based on the overall view/judgment of the system in how it effects others, I stop myself and breathe, and see that what I am trying to do here is use the projected idea of how others are suffering to justify my own transgressions.

I commit myself to stop using the system as a whole in how it effects peoples lives positively on one side and negatively on the others as a reason for me to break the law and create a better for myself scenario, since this company “deserves it”.

I commit myself to look for actual solutions that do not involve breaking the law, where I am not actually standing up within stability of what my potential actually is to change myself and become the most effective being that I can be and instead just look for this projected idea of settling the score on terms that would actually only benefit me.

I commit myself to see that this evening of the score experience that I adhere to is really only a point of buying into the polarity scale where I am really saying that there is a neutrality that must be created and that within this me taking revenge on the “evil company” is creating that neutrality experience, when in fact is is really only ever about what works best for me, and is hidden behind this idea that what I am doing is standing up for the rights of everyone.

I commit myself to realize that this is not a solution that can be applied for everyone, but only applies to myself within a limited time-frame and thus proves that this example of breaking the law is only within a self interested starting point.

I commit myself to realize that within this self righteous crusade on righting the wrongs of the evil corporations I am in fact blinding myself for any and all REAL solutions to the issues at had where everyone could and should be able to have access to reliable transportation for free.

I commit myself to see that this solution would come within time and a change in the public view of what values and principles we live within as society.

I commit myself to see that this is something the will not happen overnight but will have to be introduced through the consistent walking of beings to gain a understanding of the principles of equality and oneness for all over the course of individual processes.

I commit myself to stand within a point of integrity in the understanding that placing myself within the point of breaking the law and potentially ending up with a record of criminal behavior I can actually hurt my credibility as a voice of real equality, and within this allow my ability to stand as a example of oneness to become degraded within others eyes.

I commit myself to realize that while I should not restrict myself in terms of walking a process that I see will allow me to become my full potential just for the acceptance of my image within society that it is important to realize the distinction where I would be sabotaging myself within society unnecessarily.

When and as I see myself standing apart from how the system currently stand, I stop myself and breathe and within that realize that it is not actually the system that is to blame for how I conduct myself but rather I that chooses the things that I will accept and allow myself to express and walk within the system.

So thus I commit myself to make choices that align within the principles of equality and oneness in self honesty while not stepping outside of the bounds of where the system current allows me to without becoming or gaining a criminal record or situations where the consequences will interfere with my ability to continue walking a stable line of development within those principles.

I commit myself within the understanding that change to the system will take time and that a point that arises within this is that the fear of not having enough is really a point of fearing not having enough time to experience all of the things that I have defined within myself as being important to me within the generation of me as a point of singular energetic beingness.

I commit myself to see that this process of change will occur only through a process of each being breaking the cycles of fear of lack within oneself and becoming a transformed being where we do not fear what we do not have in terms of gaining all that we desire within a lifeTIME, and realizing that the time that is required to change the system to one that is best for all actually lies within the decisions of each one standing in total self acceptance and self honesty and trust of who I/we am/are in every breathe.

I commit myself to see that the very first real practical point within all of this would be to become a real and visible advocate for a basic income, realizing that this would be the ability for the majority of people to take there lives from one of simply survival to one where we have the time and stability within our world financially to start looking at society from different perspectives outside the current paradigm of competing with each other over resources.

When and as I see myself disregarding this fact, and instead only looking for the quickest way to gain stability for myself I stop myself and breathe and realize that this is just another point of greed where I am believing that because I am walking this process or working to look at myself that I deserve more and deserve to be in a position of superior wealth then the others.

And thus I commit myself to realize that any time that I separate myself into thinking that I deserve more than any other being I am actually only experiencing myself within a projected illusion of my mind where I have separated myself from life itself.

I commit myself then to realign my understanding where I realize that while I am still experiencing myself within the mind I am able to work towards a real understanding of the principles of equality and oneness through the process of giving. Giving up my time that I would otherwise dedicate to only actions in my own benefit and aligning myself into and as actions and paths that will prepare and cultivate a one and equal expression within myself.

I commit myself to the realization that a basic income itself would not be enough to create the soils for people to see equality and oneness as veritable worthwhile principle to live by, and that the opportunity for me to first deconstruct my mind and then build myself up within this principle first would give the opportunity to stand as a educational example for others the second part of the equation, as others have stood as that example for me to realize my own time-line within my personal journey back to life.

I commit myself to stop the anxiety that I have felt only for myself thus far and really see how the integration of a basic income would be a solution that would benefit all remove the struggle with not only transportation but other basic areas of life requirements and in that frees up time and capital for more real and pressing matters of global society.

I commit myself to, underneath all this, carry the realization that the economic model that we currently follow is fake anyways so that changing the way that we approach money on a whole is something that can be changed and viable to create a more stable world for everyone, and within that my worry about my personal place within this fake economy is really misplaced and futile.

But at the same time I commit myself to realize that with the current framework of the global mind it will take some effort and participation by myself and others to educate myself first and then within that building of a economic understanding of myself place myself as a pillar of support on how the current model of money within this world moves and what are the most practical common sense solutions that benefit all life.

When and as I see myself placing something that Bernard had mention as a point of reason for not breaking the law as a point of shame within myself rather then coming to my own realization about what should be my position and placement of myself I stop myself and breathe, realizing that within this the opportunity make my decisions as a full and complete being is actually diminished and actually lost.

I commit myself to within this case remember that the things that I can learn from others should not be placed as a point of holding myself to what the other being says for the sake of making the other my point of authority, but instead making it a point of personal reflection and within this coming to my own realizations about something and making it a personal expression of who I choose to be in any given moment of breathe.

When and as I see myself becoming lost within understanding the difference in which I mistake standing as a principle versus fighting in rebellion against the established system, I stop myself and breathe, and realize that the point is rarely something that is complex or unobtainable, but it is rather a point of simply walking through the point within practical application of the tools of self forgiveness and self correction.

I commit myself to utilize the tools of self forgiveness, self honestly and self application to come to a common sense solution to any situation that may come up to assist and support myself in seeing what will result in a best for all solution to every situation.

I commit myself to stop denying myself this ability to justify the continuation of abusive behavior behind the smokescreen of what is acceptable and what is not based on the legality of the choice rather then making it about a personal understanding and investigation of what will result in what is best for all within any given situation/decision.

When and as I see myself making it acceptable to participate within a sliding scale of where it is OK/right to break the law within things like downloading simply because it is less likely that I will face direct consequences, I stop myself and breathe and again remember the underlying of self investigation within WHY I would be doing something like downloading information, movies, etc.

I commit myself to come to a point of realization about the habitual use of downloading that I have and realize the difference of downloading information/movies for my own personal enjoyment versus the utilization of those resources to better my ability to understand myself and expand my understanding of the world I live in, rather then just for entertainment and the propagation of energetic experiences/highs.

I commit myself to become self honest within the points where I do choose to break a current standing law and realize the my decision should not be reflective of whether or not I am likely to be caught but rather what I am able to benefit and the potential for growth within a decision like downloading.

I commit myself to stop the disingenuous starting point of fear within holding the difference of downloading versus cheating transit.

I commit myself to realize the potential within some areas of breaking certain areas of the law over others where some things like downloading will allow me access to direct potential for growth where breaking the law to ride for cheap has been mostly only about fear of not having enough money.

I commit myself thus the utilize that fear to better understand myself within my self view of how I conduct myself in all other areas within the point of breaking the law where I can see the differences in what will lead to and cultivate self realization and what will not, and is simply based within and as a starting point of fear of death and lack.


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