268. Letting others down easy. Part.3

When and as I see myself not realizing that the point to consider within my interactions with other beings is that I should be looking for self honest acceptance within myself, where I am totally satisfied with where I stand within myself according to principles.

I commit myself to trust myself in finding out where I actually stand and not fear making adjustments to myself when I can recognize that I am not in alignment of a self honest starting point within myself.

I commit myself to stop looking for acceptance outside of myself.

I commit myself to see how any time that I am looking for acceptance from others is a point of self dishonesty where I am not trusting and accepting me within myself.

I commit myself to thus work towards creating a stable me in all situation regardless if they include other beings or not.

I commit myself to realize that the primary foundation for self doubt begins within the acceptance and allowance of the mind within me still, where I am continuing to place value within thoughts feelings emotions.

When and as I see this experience of self doubt and non self acceptance start to interfere with and start to generate fear within how I am able to express myself about what I see to make sense, I stop myself and breathe, that I am really only placing a muzzle on myself.

I commit myself to see how the nonacceptance of me is actually a point of not fully integrating the REALIZATION of the principles of equality and oneness within myself, and that this is evident within the continued acceptance and allowance of the mind within me.

I commit myself to walk myself step by step through this process out of the mind so I am able to actually trust myself within all scenarios that I am in.

I commit myself to work within my process to break down the fear of voicing myself and trusting the points that I do see clearly to come through as a expression of myself.

When and as I see myself not taking the initiative to step beyond the fear of being judged and rejected by others I stop myself and breathe, and within this realize finally that beyond that fear is the freedom to make the choice that is best for all regardless what other beings think of me in that moment.

I commit myself to face myself and realize that if I do not there is no change within me, there is no opportunity for change since the opportunity is squandered within fear.

I commit myself to realize the this fear of being judged by others and thinking that I will offend someone or let them down within the point of voicing myself as I see and understand is really only happening within me, I am fearing those things and making that real within me.

I commit myself to see how in some cases there is the possibility for beings to react energetically to the things that I express, but to realize that this is part of the process of mankind and that I should not hold myself back when I see a opportunity to clearly state where and for what I stand.

I commit myself to see how sharing myself and the points that I have become clear within can be part of the process of all, where my small contribution can be a catalyst for change in others so I should not hold myself back within fear of judgments and ostracization when I realize that something within me can be stated clearly.

When and as I see myself noticing the point of not accepting me and silencing myself about my current position and understanding within the Desteni principles I stop myself and breathe, and see how this is actually a system of non self acceptance that has carried over from other areas of my life where I have not been accepting of me in those areas of my life in the past.

I commit myself to then stop in those moments and realize that I am only reliving the past patterns where I do not give myself the required trust to walk through my life with confidence, and realize that this is not actually who I am, but in reality it is a self accepted program based within fear of failure, and rejection.

I commit myself then to make a flag-point of the fear of rejection within me, and break it down by the application of the tools of self forgiveness and self corrective statements, and then go out and actually apply the changes that I have realize about myself within the writing.

I commit myself see that this is really nothing more then a irrational fear system within myself and that this is something that has been blown way out of proportion throughout my life where I am not actually having any sense of self importance to the person that it actually matters to, myself, and in this giving all the power of acceptance to the outside world which is not conducive to self progression, only self destruction.

When and as I see myself standing within a rut I stop myself and breathe, and make the connection that this is the cyclical nature of the mind where I the feelings generate the actions that perpetuate that system within myself.

I commit myself to put a stop to the feelings, emotions, thoughts that are the point of generating friction within me where I create the actions and inaction that hold me within the experiences of separation of myself as life and the mistrust of myself within self acceptance.

I commit myself instead to break the cycles of the mind where I do not accept myself to hold myself within a point of negative self view, and instead work with myself from a point of breathe as my stability and always come back to that point where I am breathing to find myself here.

I commit myself to work through the resistances within me in a practical way and see how this will require some planning and within that planning to make this a form self intimacy where I can look and self honestly find out what it is that I would like to do within my life, what are the things that I would aspire to achieve and first look at if they are realistic. Am I truly capable of such things? Or just in desire, and if so I commit myself to let go of those desire points and work within practically to get to a point of self sufficiency, and work out how I can be satisfied with my life at the same time as choosing paths that are best for all.

I commit myself to realize that best for all mean best for myself where I can subdue my self gratification to choose a path that will benefit all rather then only a myself and a few others.

When and as I see myself hold on to a belief that I MUST become super rich to be effective within my life and the world I stop myself and breathe, and realize that while money is the source of movement in this world presently, I do not have to define the success of myself as a being in and to money, as well as realizing the money will flow in whatever way that is relevant to the amount of input that I place on myself and within my process of creating myself as a effective being.

So I commit myself to see that creating myself effectively will always be the precursor to the responsible management of money within my life.

I commit myself to realize that the real change within my personal world has not to do with my financial situation, but my financial situation is but a reflection of myself within my personal world, and how I still relate and define myself within my own mind.

I commit myself to see that global change will have to come through the collaboration of responsible beings who are stable within themselves as self directive beings who understand the role and utilization of money effectively, and as such, I commit myself to walk towards that goal of stabilizing me, and my finances, not from a point of getting rich or getting what I desire, but to become a being that is satisfied within the way that I conduct and express myself.

So when and as I see myself forgetting where I am, and becoming bogged down with this point of obsession about my financial situation and how I will ever become rich, I stop myself and breathe and within this I realize that the focus should be on as point of walking my life process first and within that recognizing that in doing so I can learn the self trust and self honesty to really use my gift of life effectively, and there the money will come as a reflection of my self expression.

I commit myself to walk this process as a point of finding out who I am as the true potential of what I could be and not allow belief systems to control the point of where I stand within my life.

I commit myself to bring myself back and state to myself that I am here when faced with a situation where I see I am just standing as a product of my mind within beliefs.

I commit myself to stop giving power into the belief that I must get rich as fast as possible and such deny myself the pragmatic solutions that will form self trust and self motivation from the perspective of realigning myself back into equality and oneness with life first.

I commit myself first then to place the emphasis within my life/process on finding real answers and solutions to the points that I face and thus work within what can be measured as results here within the physical world and does not rely on projections of the mind for me to be stimulated within.

I commit myself to then utilize the principles of what is best for all as the guiding point for myself in my day to day living and stop the tendencies that I still hold to act within self interest.

When and as I see myself letting go of all others within life as being inconsequential with how I conduct myself, and do not accept the world, blaming it for my situation, I stop myself and breathe, realize that all I am doing is trying to cover up my own self transgression by projecting those things outward.

I commit myself to start taking on my own personal self responsibility for the things that I do, say, think and act, and so becoming trustworthy first to myself and then standing as a example that others may emulate if they see it as beneficial for all.

I commit myself to take action within my life and realize that word with no practical application are really on words with no substance and are in fact just lies told within myself and my mind. SO I commit myself to prove to myself that I am as good as my word.


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