271. Coming out of orbit. Sc.

When and as I see myself pointing Astronomy above the things that I realize are going to be the most helpful within my life in assisting me to become effective and stable, I stop myself and breathe, and put into practice the discretion to stand and place the points that I see will actually assist me in realizing my potential first.

I commit myself to stop placing points ahead of the points that I realize will really support me within my world.

I commit myself to use the discretion of what is most practical and useful to me in a placement of priority within my world and within that understand that the points that will be most useful will not always be the things that I WANT to do or spend my time on.

I commit myself to thus use the ability within myself to exercise discipline when I notice that I am just spinning my wheels in areas that will not actually assist me in stabilizing me here.

When and as I see myself using this interest in certain areas to generate a false sense of importance and relevance where I allow this importance to overshadow the common sense and realistic path within myself, I stop am breathe, bringing myself back down to earth and accept that certain areas are not going to really help me change my situation in any real way.

I commit myself to lay my desire to know about certain things aside and take up the point to walk a lifeline of realistic goals where this path leads me to walk through the points of disinterest and realize that this will ultimately allow me to place myself in a better position financially and allow me to formulate a new me that is able to make a tangible difference in this world.

I commit myself to move past the initial disinterest in the areas of finance and work with the capabilities that I see that I have where I utilize those abilities to the utmost of my potential for a the goal of equality and oneness within this world.

When and as I see myself being a subject to and a observer of myself within a feeling that is generated within certain areas, I stop myself and breathe and realize that this does not mean that I have to stop learning about points that I am interested in, but to form a understanding of where I am allowing and accepting myself to be only the observer of such knowledge and information where I am actually only in pursuit of some desire point within myself.

I commit myself to stop the addiction to the desires within me to know about how the universe functions and that this is really irrelevant at this stage, and that even within the current scientific understanding that the things that I am learning are not fully understood to any kind of accuracy or completeness.

I commit myself then to see how this pursuit of knowledge and information within this field are in fact generated within a as a point of desire for knowledge, information, and understanding, and within this stand as a point of lack of understanding of how I myself actually function and operate.

I commit myself to realize that this is really about placing my focus elsewhere, and not actually facing me as I have created and allowed myself to become a separate entity within this world where I only give something importance when I see that it interests me alone.

I commit myself then to stop designing myself around points of personality, where I place on category of study and pursuit as something that is good/fun, and another as tedious/bad, and instead realize and implement the knowing that get to a place of stability within myself I will eventually have to move past the resistance to look at myself and how I choose to conduct myself and my time here and actually walk a different path.

I commit myself to stop squandering my time and my capability to apply myself within the abilities and strengths that come to me naturally and instead use them for a purpose within my life that will lead me to the highest possible outcome for all life always.

I commit myself to realize that each choice is that which will lead me to this point or lead me to a point of falling and stagnation.

I commit myself then to continue taking this ego apart and working within the tools of self forgiveness and self correction so as to walk myself free from the mind and its trappings, and realizing that my time and opportunity is few and so I will need to exercise discipline within my life to see real change.

When and as I see myself using up my time within this point of interest rather then making it a point of pursuit within me I stop myself and breathe, and understand that I do not have to deny myself the interest in Astronomy and space related things but making it a priority in my life is not going to help me change.

I commit myself to recognize where I am allowing myself to use up the time that I have in pursuing Astronomy, when I really could be using my time for something more productive.

I commit myself to designate specific points and responsibilities of where I am going to apply me within my process, and within the things that I need to do to take myself out of the point of just survival and then allow myself the point of enjoyment within the interest that Astronomy provides.

I commit myself to see that currently how I use Astronomy is within a place and point of distraction of what is happening around me and within that not even actually fully giving the attention required within Astronomy to become effective within that, and therefore just wasting time.

I commit myself to stop wasting time and instead of using Astronomy as that excuse to waste time, actually give the attention that is required to it to really see the information effectively and see how if I am placing a specific time aside within my life for that interest I am able to enjoy it fully and actually pay attention rather then abuse it for a point of distraction from time for self investigation.

When and as I see myself looking at myself now within a position of guilt about what I have let myself become and within seeing the point of Astronomy as a point of ultimate failure within myself as the ultimate point of missing the ship as it were, where this represents all that I could have been, I stop myself and breathe, seeing that this is just not the time period in which many people are able to go into space, and that this just is not what I am here to do and what I CAN do.

When and as I see myself holding myself within a point of sadness about this apparent missed opportunity within myself I stop myself and breathe, and remember that I have plenty of opportunities that are available to me that will allow me to ensure that in future we can choose where to place our focus as a species and give the opportunity to those that are yet to come to actually hold the option to explore and investigate the universe.

I commit myself to stop realize that I need to stop placing all my dreams outside of myself and instead make them a tangible reality in which I work within and accept the opportunities that are available to me realistically.

I commit myself to stop getting down on myself about this point of not being able to go into space and to be a astronaut to the point where I look at any point of sci fi material or Astronomical material with a point of sadness that I will not be able to experience this now, and realize that if human beings in general will every be able to become space faring species as a common place normality, then we as individuals will have to work through all points of ego and self interest here, now.

I commit myself to stop using this sadness within myself about a apparent missed opportunity to fuel a desperation within myself to catch up within that field, and realize that this is only a reaction to a self definition of failure within myself in a point where it is just not really realistic to have been possible in the first place.

I commit myself to walk through this process to see that if I actually do care about this point of going to space then I should be able to put aside any point of self interest within myself and walk myself out of the mind to ensure that future generations will have that reality available to them, and realize that this is a realization that all those that will come after me are in fact me, and that I would be standing up within myself for the benefit of all as myself.

When and as I see myself holding myself withing a point of stagnation I stop myself and breathe and realize that within this point of constantly looking for something better outside of myself to focus on, I am actually only squandering the abilities that are available to me within myself.

I commit myself to stop looking for better experiences within point that are not realistic within my world, and instead focus on the things that I actually have control over within myself and realize that this is the real area that I can influence instead of looking for some experience out there in space as the ultimate point that would complete me.

I commit myself to stop the stagnation of my true capabilities and to instead use those capabilities to work through the points of separation within myself.

I commit myself to stop the stagnation of myself based on a feeling of resentment that this dream may not something that is realistic within my world and that I have to work on myself instead of getting what I want.

I commit myself to stop using this feeling as a excuse to not move myself because I still look at this as being unfair, instead of wanting to take personal responsibility, self honesty, and practice self movement.

When and as I see myself continuing to believe that I am able to make some significant change to the field of Astronomy I stop myself and breathe, and consider the complexity that others beings who are in the field have and the experience within that field and realize that within myself I am only coming from a place of mind, of projections, of ideas, and I really have not anything concrete to offer up within that group. And really all this is about is fame and recognition where I do not take value within myself first.

I commit myself to see that if I really capable of contributing something to that field of study that it would not come from a point placement of just desire this but a aware movement of myself through the steps in learning what is actually real, and what is just made up, which is actually a self movement.

So within this I commit myself to realize how the key to all change within myself is self movement and not the self definition in reaction to a desire for fame or praise from others and the world.

I commit myself to move myself for me, within the recognition that moving within the understanding of the principles that all are equal and one is imperative to the starting point of each moment that I move through.

When and as I see that I could be using my time within any given moment in a more effective, relevant, and meaningful manner I stop myself and breathe, and within this realize that what I a choosing to do is just delay the process here that will allow all to pursue the ultimate expression of themselves within a equal and one world.

And so I commit myself to realize the importance of walking as a real expression of myself where I see that I am really capable of and considering the impact that myself as a responsible being will be able to contribute to this world by giving up the desires and dreams of going to space as well as the feeling of needing to gain knowledge and information in that areas of study.

I commit myself to place Astronomy as nothing more then a hobby in which I can enjoy myself within in my free time if I so choose instead of making a self definition within myself in wanting/desiring to learn more about it, in a point of desperation.

When and as I see myself judging myself for where I am at within my life and gauging my success by things like money and fame, I stop myself and breathe and realize that those points are only relevant to the propagation and generation of those same points within my own mind, and that the real point of life here is how I am walking through within principles or without them.

I commit myself to let go of the idea of moving myself only from within a point of desiring fame and wealth.

I commit myself to see how those desires are only mind systems that compel me to dream about lavish lifestyles and judge myself from within where I am not, and hold me back from what I am able to really do within a layers of self judgments and anger towards my situation.

I commit myself to move past these mind and instead walk a life path that is within the principles of equality and oneness with life.

When and as I notice myself looking at other beings within a point of comparison with what they have and within that react in jealousy and self pity about what I do not have, I stop myself and breathe and see how this life is really what I make it and how I choose to conduct myself in each moment really is the key.

I commit myself to conduct me in such a way that fully understands that I am the one responsible for me and that i will ultimately make the choices that will allow me to stand or continue falling.

I commit myself to make the choice within my life that stand within the principles of equality and oneness, and remember that when I am faced within a comparison point towards others, in asking me if that is really something that I would like to experience within my world and within that how can I integrate myself PRACTICALLY instead of just reacting emotionally to this other being and what they have.

I commit myself to stop the jealously that I have towards Astronauts specifically because I have build up a idea within my mind about how cool it would be to go to space.

When and as I see myself fearing being seen within my world, I stop myself and breathe, and make a note to push myself to become more visible and that the jealously that I am experiencing towards other beings is really a point of not feeling totally satisfied within myself in where I stand and my inconsistency in and towards moving myself through my life within principle and self motivation.

I commit myself to stand up within myself as someone who can be seen and heard and push myself to overcome the hesitation within myself to remain the same within my own comforting bubble.

I commit myself to realize that when I look at people within jealousy it just means that I am not satisfied with myself and so within that I should be able to walk through the point of fear within myself that I will never reach what others have within my own world and instead just focus on what I can do in each moment to keep walking, and keep living within principles, breathing and remaining present.


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