278. Hiding from myself 2.

Ok continuing.

So when and as I see myself hiding myself from me, I stop myself and breathe, slowing myself down and realizing that this is really a reaction some kind of fears within my world. Some of them more about being in the spotlight and some other about having to take action or accountability of myself, so what I can do is really take a step back when I am looking to hide myself away and whole myself up and have an honest look, asking myself why? And what is really behind this point of hiding.

When and as I see myself considering myself to be fake or disingenuous and begin judging myself over this I stop myself and breathe and within that make the realization that this self judgment is an allowance that I am permitting within my world to reinforce the excuse to not take practical action in my life.

When and as I see myself not considering the role of action within myself and my world I stop myself and breathe remembering that action is what is going to take me out of hiding and will open me up to many new possibilities within myself, as well as outside of myself.
So within this I commit myself to step outside of hiding that I have lived by my whole life, make myself known to me and work with what I find there, no shame, no blame, just honest application with an understanding that I need to see me to be able to change me.

I commit myself to stop using the external world as an excuse as to why I am unable to get to this process on a daily level and within that realize that the reason why is because I am hiding from myself and not wanting to admit that.

I commit myself to step past the desire to let it all slide and move myself towards the habits that I realize will foster change within me through the evidence of the writing and application that I have already made within my life.

I commit myself to because honest with myself about what is really important within my day and apply myself to those this vigorously because I realize that the bigger picture is not just about myself but about the whole world/universe here as life.

I commit myself to stop fearing the changes, and to start having fun within my process of change, and realize that for something new to be born within me that something else must be cleared away. I am clearing the way for something unknown to be possible and that this start to the journey back to life.

I commit myself to breathe through the tough moments where all that I want to do is hide myself away, and wait out the storms within me, not realizing that the storms will keep coming unless I stand and face them.

I commit myself to stop the self judgment about what I should or should not be doing and instead just work on understanding myself clearer and making steady progress within myself.

I commit myself to see how consistency is really one of the main keys to walking this process and that the tendency is to turn my back on myself at the first sign of trouble/stress/distraction.

I commit myself to realize that at the stage that I am at I am really only stunting myself and my ability to grow in this world and that I will only ever find more uncertainties if I refuse to face myself in each moment.

I commit myself to work through the fears of discovering the possibilities that I will have to face others and interact with others which ties into hiding myself from others.

So that will be all for this post and I will work on the point of hiding from others within the next post.


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