280. Learning about knowledge.

What is the purpose here in learning and knowledge? As I see within my own experience it’s always been like a race of some sort. I have in the past really thrived within myself as the mind and considered the accumulation of knowledge to be the prime thing that would get me ahead in this world and give me that edge over others in competition. This obviously is all based within fear, fear of survival, fear of obscurity, and fear of death. I want to stand out, live on in time, be immortal.

An interesting thing within this as for all the accumulated knowledge within my brain, firstly I would be hard pressed to remember much of it in any coherent way, and secondly there is point of what use has it provided within my life? What is the purpose of learning and knowledge? Currently it was mentioned within one of my chats to let go of all knowledge. Let go of what I have learned is my idea about my life, what I should be doing, where I should be, how I should be. And see what remains.

Interesting, I have always been of a cerebral set of the mind, intellectualizing¬†everything. I see how this has really backed me into a corner, were the old adage “knowledge will set you free”, has actually locked me up and misplaced the key.

So where/what does learning and knowledge come into play within this process. Self honesty is the point to remember here. Oneness and equality as life is the other. Where I can walk through my day where I can express within any given moment the equality with life. This I realize is currently not fully implemented within my life, I have not figured it out yet. But that is the point of self honesty where I can ask myself if I am doing as much that I can to bring this to fruition within myself. That I see is the role of learning and knowledge within my life. What are the areas of learning and becoming knowledgable that will allow me to become the most effective in becoming clear within myself. Like downloading the information that is required to learn how to stop downloading and delete the already downloaded.

Learning enough within my process to see the relevance and common sense in taking action within my day-to-day living to stand as my actual potential. Do I know what that potential is? Currently, no. But that comes within the act of walking, already I see that I am capable in moving past entrenched belief systems of “I can’t/I’m not” within me. So it is about the action, the self honest movement of myself. And this really requires no knowledge, just understanding of myself as a part of the whole, and not only a singularity.

Obviously this singularity is unique within the points where I can choose to apply myself within, what will be the things that I enjoy, and pursue within my life, but it does not have to be because that is something that I am preprogrammed to like/enjoy. Not something that I convince myself that I only capable of this or that starting within a self limitation. If I come to a decision about looking into a certain area then I can utilize my attention, time and focus to a certain area, and learn about it. But all the shit that has been force-fed to me, or more appropriately that I force feed myself because I believed that is what I needed to do to become something superior to the other beings out there, stand out and be live a worthwhile life. All that can/must stop. Interesting, as I have continued my reading into the heavens jtl blogs and right where I picked up it says it all where all positive self experiences are rooted within the negative/friction. So realizing that this thirst for knowledge and learning is actually based on a view of competition and superiority, which is actually a fear of survival at a base level, it puts a lot in perspective.

I do not need to know everything, I do not even need to know slightly even close to everything, but I do need to know how to apply myself in an effective way to stop the separateness of myself with life. That is the point of self honesty. Firstly stopping participation within the mind, following my thoughts, giving into the addictions that are fueled through my emotions and feelings. And from there continue to break down the underlying layers of self-deception that I have built around myself. Learning PRINCIPLES that will allow me to live my life within oneness and equality, cutting out the rest of the bullshit that has been holding me within this state of limbo for so many years. Correcting the limitation with self-trust.
Correcting addiction to energy as the awareness of myself here.

So there is the point. Accumulating knowledge which poses no real relevance to how I am choosing to live out my life in equality and oneness, is something that I have to become self honest about. Applying principles within myself which will be my standing point. Remembering when the mind starts to interject to breathe and slow myself down.

So here I will stop for the evening.


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